Anna Wintour Says These Are the Biggest Trends of 2020

Maybe Anna Wintour is on to something. She doesn’t have any personal social media accounts (that we know of), which leaves her fans always wanting more. So when she does cede to an interview, we cling to every word and eagerly take notes. Absence makes the heart grow fonder, right? Of course, the newest video for the Vogue series Go Ask Anna is no exception.
One of Wintour’s responses, in particular, struck us as particularly intriguing. When Wintour was asked about the top trends of the season, she rattled off eight different trends that she thinks dominated the S/S 20 collections, which just concluded in October. Considering Wintour literally has a front-row seat to all the action, you can bet we’re all ears. Hint: She listed flat shoes, trench coats, and embroidery— and much more as the biggest 2020 trends.

Flat shoes

The signature shoe style is definitely the cap-toe cut flat shoes that seem to have taken all the fashion shows by storm. Gone are the days of heals, the smart look is dominated by flats.


You don’t need a beautiful Alexander McQueen or Sana Safinaz embroidered creation to test-drive this trend, but it certainly wouldn’t hurt. Embroidery is predicted to be very much in during 2020 that will appear in many forms. We will see plenty of embroidery on almost all garments.

Trench coat

Investing in a timeless trench coat is highly encouraged. A light trench coat is the ideal way to combat light breezy winters. The classic look gives a modernized appeal as well.


The ’70s-tinged Louis Vuitton look is one of the favorite examples of the jubilant, eye-catching prints that will dominate the 2020 fashion scene. The printed shirts, floral dupattas and even printed shalwars will be seen and worn more during 2020.

Use of Bold Colours

The year 2020 is perhaps the year of bold colours where muted shades will take a back seat. It is the time when colourful ensemble will e envied more than a sober dress.