Bring on the Sunshine

Summer season is just here and it’s the time to gear up for some summer essentials. Beach vibes, minimal fashion and tan skin are some of the most interesting aspects of this season!

Sunnies for summer essentials


Retro or round, modern or colorful, sharpen your personal style this season with a standout pair of shades.
Tote bag for summer essentials

Tote bag:

Heading to the beach without a tote bag? Surely not a good idea!
Flip flops for summer essentials


Beach dress and flip-flops make the best combo ever! It’s comfortable and trendy, also flip flops complete the whole beach look!
Sunscreen for summer essentials


Some people like tan but applying sunscreen lotions can prevent damage to your skin. After all, we all need glowing skin this season, don’t we?
Beach dress for summer essentials

Beach dress:

Linen or printed georgette – either kaftan or a mini dress, is all you need to flaunt with the beach winds! A flowy dress with open hair is always a good idea.


Oversize Hats for summer essentials

Oversize Hats:

It’s trendy plus it helps you to get the shade on your face, as sunshine on the beach can cause damage to your skin. Why not take measures in a fashionable way?


Towel, Hair Oil and Soothing Lotion for summer

Towel, Hair Oil, and Soothing Lotion:

Wipe off that salty water from your skin after you get dipped in the water. Put on some oil or serum on your hair or a soothing lotion on your body.