Build a library in your home

Does your heart leap at the sight of a neatly arranged stack of books? Do you linger in the bookstore and seek comfort in the smell of old books? Then what you need to make your home perfect is your very own library with a collection of your favourite literary works. Learn how to create a home library right from scratch with our useful tips and make your own literary haven at home. Don’t fret if you think that your home is too small to have a dedicated space for a library, you can still create a perfect reading corner to house your literary treasures.


One of the important things to consider when you want to create a home library is the actual space you will be using. Do you have enough space to dedicate an entire room for the library? Are you going to be using a corner of the living room? Or are you going to convert a walk-in closet into a library? There are plenty of options you can think of when it comes to identifying the right space for a DIY home library. One of the things we would recommend is that you choose a spot which is well lit because no one likes to squint and read their books.

Select the right spot to make the perfect home library. If you feel you don’t have a spare room, use your walls and build a vertical library. For those of you looking at how to create a home library in a small apartment, this would be ideal, as you wouldn’t take up too much floor space. You could even use hallways or corners near the dining table for designing your home library.


When it comes to DIY tips for creating your home library, you can bring in plenty of creative elements through the type of storage. When you are deciding on your home library furniture, think beyond the usual cabinets and shelves and adopt quirky ideas such as using ladders, old trunks and even wooden cartons converted into shelves for storing books in your home library. Even if you are going with ready-made cupboards and shelves while thinking of your home library ideas, look at things which are not traditionally used and add more character to your reading nook with distinct colours and unusual shapes. Think out of the box if you want to make your library stand out.

Another thing to ensure when you are choosing the storage while designing your home library is whether it can support the weight of your books. They need to be sturdy and wide enough to fit your books.


Once you have sorted out the right space and storage, the next question to address when it comes to how to create a DIY home library is the kind of seating you must choose. We would all love a cosy reading nook where we can immerse ourselves in romantic sagas and fantasy adventures as we sip on our cups of coffee. So take care to choose comfortable seating when it comes to designing your home library.

Make your DIY library cosy so you can enjoy your books at leisure.Choose a comfortable single or multi seating option and ensure you have footrests to prop your feet up if you are someone who likes to indulge in a marathon reading bout. Keep a small table near your seating arrangements and use this to keep a stack of your latest reads.


One of the other important things to consider when you are thinking of how to create a home library is organising your books. You could do this alphabetically, based on genre or even based on the colour of the covers on the books. Having a neatly organised collection of books can make your library extremely visually appealing, no matter if the library is big or small. Arrange your books based on colour to create a truly unique look.

Bring in your own personal style when it comes to library decoration ideas. To give it a more rounded look include plants, bookends and other elements to liven the space up. A beautiful home library is enough to give any book lover major envy. Use these useful tips and learn how to create a home library and enjoy the many sojourns you can take with the help of artfully crafted words from across the world!