Cycling apparel

More than a sport or hobby or even mode of transportation, cycling is a full blown lifestyle. Most of the apparel brands are big on fashion and function alike. Using steadfast, moisture-wicking materials, many of these cycling clothing brands won’t just keep you dry while you cruise the local urban terrain or compete in marathons, but ensure that you look downright good in the process.

From the coolest cycling jerseys to the safest head gear, here are few styles to look for:

Bib Shorts

Designed to perform at the highest level of cycling, bib shorts provide greater performance, superior comfort and long-lasting durability. Lightweight and compressive Italian fabrics are ergonomically designed to enhance performance while racing or on long distance rides.

Vent Cap

The Vent Cap is a thinner, lighter cap, designed for comfort and protection on warm days, long climbs, and intense rides. It’s not just suited to outdoor rides; wear on the turbo trainer to keep your hair (and sweat) out of your face.  It is usually made up of lightweight elastic fabric, moisture wicking and quick drying with elastic tape at back for excellent fit. Fashionable colours include blue and fuchsia.


Naturally breathable and odor resistant 100% wool long sleeve jersey in Olive Green is in vogue for cyclist.  Ideal by itself for cool spring afternoon rides, or as a layering piece on cold days, this jersey is the perfect addition to your cool season cycling wardrobe. With full sleeves and slim fit, the jersey is ideal to be worn on early morning rides. A half sleeve jersey is equally good for a fashion-conscious rider as plenty of designs and colours bring fashion to cycling.


Gone are the days when biking to work meant having to choose between fashion and function. Some of the latest designs of cycling pants are streamlined, sweat-wicking, and—most importantly—office appropriate.

With a tapered leg and ankle-hitting hem, these pants look fabulous even if they weren’t functional. Made of fabric that’s resistant to water and abrasion, the pants make the transition from the bike to the office seamlessly—no quick change required.


The best cycling gloves are the ones that fit well. The fingers should not be too long and must fit perfectly. With a snug fit, the cut-fingers is equally good for summer wear. The pure cotton gloves are ideal as they wick away sweat and the gloves and hands stay dry, which is most of the battle in staying warm. Non-skidding and non-slippery, the gloves should provide a perfect grip as well.