Decorate for harmony

Now that we are spending more time inside our homes, it is imperative that there is plenty of positive energy and harmony to calm down our nerves. When various interior design elements work together, they create a sense of calmness throughout the home.

Fashion Collection gives you easy tips to change your home décor this month.

Achieve Visual Balance

Often, we have heard about visual weight of the room. When we place too much of our decor on one side of the room, it can make it feel “heavier” than the other side of the room. For example, if you place multiple large furniture pieces or a dark color contrasted with a side that lacks furniture or color, it will leave the room feeling unbalanced. Be sure to place your colour, furniture, and decor in places that balance the entire room. This small change will do wonders for your space.

Design Symmetry

Symmetry is a natural way to create the sense of order in a room. It helps to create visual balance. Additionally, symmetry also creates a rhythm in the room that is attractive to the eye. An easy way to create symmetry is to invest in the idea of multiples, with the matching pieces side-by-side or across a room. For example, curtains are a great way to create the look of symmetry. When placed accordingly, matching lamps, end tables, mirrors, or a set of chairs can also add symmetry to the room. Symmetry is nothing but bringing in harmony with colours, forms and textures. Within symmetry, asymmetry will work brilliantly too. E.g. placing a painting off centered and yet creating balance by placing large jars on the floor.

Include Negative Space

When it comes to designing homes, less is often more. In fact, too many design elements covering every surface can become visually exhausting. In interior design, negative space refers to the blank spots in your villa where there’s no furniture, colour, or decorative accent. It’s the space where there is no furniture, no art, no lamps. Essentially, it’s the space you have deliberately left empty.

Decor with a Purpose

Another simple way to achieve a more harmonious interior design is to ensure every item in the room has a purpose. Not only will this help you declutter, but it will help you connect your items to the rest of the things in your home. Each item in your home tells a story about your life and your personal taste. You are a brand and your space speaks of your brand. The various items in your home will visually tell your story. A space full of meaning will naturally have more harmony for you.