Down Memory Lane

The Journey of a Khussa

Khussa or popularly known as SALEEM SHAHI. Khussa is a fashion icon of handcrafted footwear mainly worn in South Asia.

Although the earliest versions of a Khussa can be traced down to the early period of circa 200 BC when it was worn as a wooden sandal, the actual Salim Shahi jutti emerged during the Mughal Empire where it was decorated with colours, gems, and other ornaments. In those times, these juttis were also embroidered with real gold and silver threads and decorated with precious pearls. The most elaborate ones have every inch covered with the tilla and appear as if made of solid gold or silver, making them a class apart.

The Salem Shahi Juttis are named after the Mughal prince Salim (Jahangir), and are characterized by a pointed, sometimes curled toe and a spade shaped sole.

Multani khussas are popular for their unique designs. These Khussas are made of buffalo, cow or camel leather soles, while the upper part comprises of leather or simply textile. Both the parts are joined together by a paste and then stitched by white cotton threads.The latest variety includes the use of truck art on khussas and Saleem Shahi jutti.