Eid Festivity

Don’t we all love Eid time, when family and friends gather to accentuate the holiday mood? Eid is definitely a time to rejoice, celebrate and revel in the festivity. This is also the time to deck up your abode and let the welcoming feeling towards your guests overflow.


After a casual chit-chat with interior designers, Fashion Collection brings you the best of home décor tips to follow this Eid.

Light up

One of the best decorating elements that never fail is the lights. Be it the tinsel lights, the pendants, the fairy lights or just candles put up; lights in any form create a festive look and a warm feeling of welcome. Start by hanging oversized moon and starts and wrap around the fairy lights along them to create the right look. Build up the mood by putting a cluster of scented tall candlesticks on the floor. To create soft, flickering light for a table in a dark corner, group inexpensive frosted-glass vases of different sizes, add tealights, and enjoy the glow.

Outdoor décor

Putting up a crescent moon with a masjid minaret in your lawn is an extremely easy way to achieve that special holiday feeling! Garlands of paper flowers put up on the trees is also an interesting way to make your garden look colourful and festive.


Play with the different textured colourful paper to create amazing banners, star boxes and Moroccan stencil pattern light box. There is a special feeling when you see the hanging paper moon lanterns on your hallway ceiling. This creates a mystical mood as each lantern can be illuminated with a LED light with crescent moon and star cutouts all over to project stars and moons onto your walls and ceiling, which really creates that special atmosphere.

On the table

There is so much one can do to spruce up the look of the table on Eid day. Use leftover ribbon to tie around the stems of your glasses for an extra bit of festivity. Choosing a different color for every glass will help guests keep track of their drinks. Create a centre piece with the main dish of Sheer-Khorma in the centre surrounded by flower garlands, paper artworks and lights and candles. Cover your table with the finest tableware and add sparkle to it by putting silver and gold gootaa around the platters.

Knick Knacks

A grouping of old-fashioned ornaments hung from the ceiling makes a whimsical “chandelier.” And this gives Eid a special feeling. Hang these shiny ornaments around the house to lit up your rooms. If you have a staircase within your house, show off eye-catching ornaments by threading them with different lengths of thin ribbon or string, then tying to a long, wide ribbon wound along a banister. Hang silver and gold tassels on your doors, desk, and chest of drawers. They’re a finishing touch that’s totally budget-friendly