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In this Fashion blog, Allyson Payer reveals how three amazing celebrities make a fashion statement that we all love.

Gigi Hadid’s fashion style

We get very excited for the start of a new season and all of the new outfits that come with it, and it appears that Gigi Hadid does too. While out and about in New York over the weekend, Hadid wore five major fashion trends in one outfit, and it worked.
Hadid stepped out in a casual-cool outfit consisting of tie-dye (multiple tie-dye pieces, that is), beige cargo pants (that’s two trends in one), cool pearls (in the form of a necklace), and classic sneakers. What made this mix of trends work is that she combined both neutral and statement-making trends, which is a great guideline to follow.

Selena Gomez’s dress trend

Being bombarded with a plethora of new trends each season is to be expected in this fast-moving world we live in. But isn’t it thoroughly refreshing when you realize that a major trend you may have bought last year is back after a lap around the sun? We think so. So what does this have to do with Selena Gomez, you ask? What she wore to The Hollywood Reporter’s Empowerment in Entertainment Event in Los Angeles is an indication that one of last summer’s biggest dress trends is still big. And that’s music to our ears.
The trend in question is polka-dot wrap dresses. It may seem a little specific, but they were everywhere last summer, and we’re guessing there’s a good chance that you bought one. Gomez paired her Celine black-and-white polka-dot dress with a simple pair of black pumps, but thanks to the versatility of this dress trend, you can pair it with a multitude of shoe styles.

Victoria Beckham’s style statement

Style icon, fashion designer and former pop star; is there any box Victoria Beckham hasn’t checked off? Here at Who What Wear, there are a number of well-dressed celebrities whose style we stand, but to be completely honest, very few of them fall into the category of chic that VB herself occupies. Every time she steps out, it’s in a look that’s classic yet forward, and she can make just about anything look polished. Let’s just say that it wouldn’t be easy to achieve her level of style.
In the past we’ve shared the secrets of her great style, breaking down the seven pieces in her capsule wardrobe so you can easily dress like her too. I set out to re-create four of her best and most iconic outfit combinations over the course of a week. I stepped outside my comfort zone with some of the looks and adapted others to fit my personal style.