Health Benefits of Exercising in Winter

10 Tips by Kamran Farooq


  • Increases Blood flow and circulation to all the arteries and veins – the body has to use and switch on its internal radiator.
  • Burns more energy and fat – as more energy is required to heat up the body’s core temperature.
  • The body’s immune system gets better.
  • Cooler temperatures than summer for outdoor exercise = less sweat/smell!
  • Embracing the outdoors and remembering nature is our friend, not the enemy.
  • Reducing the risk of injury for trips – by strengthening the body, using daily workouts.
  • Improves cardiovascular system – from breathing in the cold, crisp air and using outdoor training workouts.
  • Increases mental strength and robustness.
  • Improve chances of better workout – because you have to push yourself physically harder to get warmer in the cold.
  • Increases chance of enjoying an indoor gym and the benefits of this type of training e.g. weights / TRX/ group classes.
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