Summer Health 2023

Previous years have been all for energy drinks, natural herbs and eating raw vegies and fruits. Here is what you should prepare yourself this summer for a healthy life.

Avoid In Summer

Extreme dieting:

Strict eating plans like carb-banishing diets are no more in vogue and does not seem to work. Instead the idea should be to eat a balanced meal including all crucial food groups.

Juice detoxes:

These health boosters are just a temporary cleansing agents that do not do too much for the body in the long run, hence can be avoided this year.

Coconut oil:

Once preferred for cooking as well, this is not treated as containing high levels of saturated fat not recommended for daily use.

Soy Milk:

The original breakout of the plant-based milk, soy is losing its luster to other variety of nut based milks.

Follow in Summer

Sippable soups:

Unlike juices, these veggie-packed soups are considered more nutritious and wholesome complete with the required fiber content. The sippable soups are considered to provide a healthy alternative to mindless snacking during the day, a nutritious boost of energy, or a small meal replacement. They provide vitamins and minerals to keep you going, and probiotics to support a healthy digestive system.

Avocado Oil:

Known for its healing powers from cataract and skin blemishes to arthritis and gum diseases, avocado oil is much lower in saturated fat. It is increasingly used in chips and mayonnaise


This root is taking over as the “it” flavor, especially in beverages. Ginger water, juice, and infusions will flood the market as people are realizing the bountiful benefits of this amazing root.

Cashew Milk:

Almond milk has been a consistently popular alternative to soy, but slightly sweeter cashew milk is gaining ground. Cashew milk also tends to be creamier and thicker, with a coconut milk-like consistency and subtle taste that won’t overpower whatever foods you mix in.