Increase your height through exercise.

Even though it is not generally possible to increase your natural height, other factors contribute to the appearance of height. You can improve your posture and alignment so that you can stand taller, carrying the body to its full height. If you sit at a desk all day and go home and sit on the couch all night, you will probably develop a slight curvature of the spine and roundness to your shoulders. Even when you stand up, you probably retain much of that slump, making you look shorter than you are.

Posture through yoga

Spine lengthening and good posture is at the core of yoga. Even in Mountain pose, where you are just standing up with your hands by your sides, you are still actively lifting the top of your head towards the ceiling and pushing the soles of your feet into the floor. This helps stretch out your spine.

Avoid bad habits

When you have had poor posture for a while, you may likely fall into bad habits. For example, standing with your hips slanted on one side and your weight on one foot actually make you look shorter. These habits originate with poor posture and can visually decrease your height. Practicing yoga regularly helps align shoulders, hips and pelvis and teaches us how to move within our body’s range.


Swimming for a couple of hours for at least 5 days a week is considered to be extremely beneficial for increasing your height. Being a full body exercise, swimming is the most intense form of exercise done in water. It enables you to use your legs, body, and arms to the fullest and thus, develops muscle strength. Breast stroke is the best swimming style to increase your height. Hence, if you want to increase your height, it is advisable to learn and practice swimming.

Play basketball

Basketball is one the sports that exercises all the muscles and helps in growth. It integrates jumping, which helps in muscle growth by increasing muscle tension. It also helps in increasing focus and blood supply to various parts of the body.

These stretching exercises for increasing height, if done regularly, will gradually increase your height. Along with a proper diet, and good nutrition, these exercises will also boost your immunity and facilitate the growth of the body. Please be advised to start any form of exercise only after consulting a medical practitioner to confirm whether these are suitable for you or not.

Skip Ropes

This one is not just a fun game but rather a fun way to grow taller too. Skipping rope involves a lot of jumping. Jumping triggers the cells of your body from head to toe. Each single muscle becomes active. This collaborative muscle work-out is the ideal way for a streamlined growth of your body. This is a fine way to retune the fat distribution in different body zones.