Manicure trends this season

With the changing and fast growing fashion styles, a large number of girls are becoming more conscious of nail art and manicures. Different types of manicures have gained immense popularity in fashion market and have transformed manicure forever.

Here are few trends to look out for:

French Manicure

Believe it or not, this ‘90s staple is back in full form: glossy pink nails with a crisp white tip. For most, the nostalgia is all a bit too much—so opt for a tip of a different hue like orange, magenta, or black. A French manicure doesn’t have to be classic white round or square tip. A soft French is a subtle alternative using muted colors.

Glitter and Appliques

Think of it as accessorizing your manicure. This look was huge on Fall/Winter 2019 runways—especially pearls. It doesn’t require any nail art technique, just clever placement skill. The holiday season always favors the decadent, glitzy and bold, so this year stock up on nail appliques. Look for shimmering shades like a bright red glitter.Add silver glitter and rhinestones to a baby-pink polish for a pretty, feminine look. You’ll have the fingernails of a princess!

Spiced Neutrals

: Think of colors from your spice cabinet like turmeric, paprika, and cinnamon. These shades take classic neutrals up a notch making them both bold and versatile.These shades are rich and give a caramelized feel to the look. Begin your New Year with these amazing warm shades of spices.

Long Extensions

Dramatic long nails are making their way back into the mainstream. Though we can’t all be like Billie Eilish (with her witchy pointed acrylics), a flattering, easy shape to choose with this look is squoval (not quite square, not quite oval). The result is an effortless, classically feminine shape.


A matte finish makes any old nail color look contemporary. An ultimate color shifter, it makes cream polishes look chalky, metallic shades look like steel, and pearl shades look suede. But if you tend to have dry or peeling cuticles, stick to shiny topcoats. Matte manicures can shine an unwanted light on dry, peeling, red skin. Neutral colors with taupe and mauve undertones look amazing as matte shades.