Most Expensive Handbags

Some handbags are merely functional objects that we use to hold our critical everyday items, but for others, it’s much more than that. it’s the way to represent one’s wealth, status and power. Let’s take a look at the topmost expensive handbags.

Mouawad 1001 Night Diamond Purse

Worth: $ 3.8 Million

At the top of the most expensive handbags list is none other than Mouawad. The purse took 8800 hours to make and features 4517 different coloured diamonds. The handbag weighs 381.92 carats and has been considered the most valuable handbag in the world by Guinness World Records in 2010.

Lana Marks Cleopatra Clutch

Hermes Kelly Rose Gold

Worth: $ 2 Million

The Luxury brands of Hermes along with jeweller Pierce Hardy collaborated together and created this unique masterpiece making it into the world’s most expensive bags. It has been mimicked to resemble crocodile leather and is made up of solid rose gold.  Featuring 1160 expensive diamonds, this luxurious and stunning bag is so small making it difficult to even store a pair of glasses in it.

Hermes Ginza Tanaka Birkin Bag

Worth: $ 1.4 Million

Another Hermes bag to be made into the most expensive handbags is Ginza Tanaka Birkin. The bag holds 2000 diamonds on its outer layer and has an 8-carat pear-shaped centrepiece that can be removed and used as a brooch and a diamond-encrusted strap that can also be separated from the purse and worn as a bracelet or necklace.


Hermes Chained Ancre Bag

Worth: $1.4 Million

Created in 2012 for the “Haute Bijouterie” Collection, jeweller Pierre Hardy spent 2 years working on this stunning masterpiece. The bag indulges 1160 diamonds encrusted chain links to make this bag. Most certainly unique, only three bags were created. This therefore definitely has to be in the world most expensive bags list.


Worth: $400,000

The first on the most expensive handbags list was originally Lana Marks Cleopatra which was meant for A List Celebrities attending the academy awards. The clutch was designed in northern Italy and adorned with jewels such as natural pink and blue diamond’s perfectly cut to create that stunning design. Every year a single limited edition of the Cleopatra Clutch is sold by the brand, making its price vary.