Musical siblings who rock

It is fun to sing with a family member where the fun doubles and the support of a sibling makes it all easier. Here are few siblings who have made a big name in the music industry.

Ali Zafar and Daniyal Zafar

The famous artist Ali Zafar has an equally handsome baby brother Danyal Zafar. He is all set to create his Bollywood debut under the banner of Yash Raj Films.Where most people are likely to judge Danyal, who entered the pop music scene of Pakistan last year with a coveted Coke Studio song (Muntazir, with Momina Mustehsan) and as a guitarist on Julie, is his upbringing in a privileged household amongst well-connected individuals, unlike Ali who had to struggle his way up.

The Jaswal Bothers

The three iconic brothers of the music industry are the Jaswal brothers. The eldest of the three is Yasir Jaswal; a Pakistani film and music director, photographer and writer. He was a lead vocalist for the band Call while his feature film debut is called Jalaibee.

Nazia and Zoheb

The pair was a Pakistani pop group from Karachi,formed in 1980. The group consisted of two siblings, Nazia Hassan and Zoheb Hassan, who were a singing sensation and pop icons in Pakistan and all of South Asia. They are also regarded as pioneers of the Pakistani pop music scene. Nazia and Zoheb were also one of the most successful groups in Pakistan which sold more than 60 million albums worldwide.

The Benjamin Sisters

The sisters are a singing group of Nerissa, Beena and Shabana Benjamin. They were introduced to Pakistani showbiz by a notable Pakistani sitar player Javed Allah Ditta.

Usually they sang in choruses together in performancesin the late 1970s and early 1980s. They achieved immense popularity in both Pakistan and neighboring regions. Victor Benjamin, their father, a skillful player of the xylophone encouraged his daughters to sing. They then joined the Sunday School choir at The Christ Church – this was all the musical training that they had received.

Jessica and Ashley

Jessica Simpson is a pop star, reality star, movie star, and successful entrepreneur. Her sister Ashlee is also a talented singer-songwriter and former reality star with her own distinct style, but Ashlee has long been loathe to be in her big sister’s shadow.