New Year wellness habits

With the beginning of 2019, we are all looking forward to a healthier year with concrete fitness, nutrition and wellness plans chalked out for the year.


Here are some wellness trends to keep your eyes on this year.

A Spa Day for Your Muscles

Self-care is for everyone and most importantly this is the year to pay attention to your muscles. Instead of doing strenuous exercises that cause muscles’ pain and ailments, the idea is to do some basic stretches that increase muscular performance.

Anger Competence

Managing anger is one of the key areas of well being this year. Encourage yourself to recognize, respect and honor your anger. With a particular focus on social change, you can easily become anger competent. Engage in stimulating work such as painting or gardening to reap the benefits of a brighter, funnier person.

Staying in

Enjoy the privacy of your home and spend most of your time indoors. This is a new wellness goal as it calms and soothes the nerves and gives a sense of belonging. Life is about nurturing your inner self to whatever is good for you. Never succumb to the pressures of the society to leave the house and build a career or even give in and marry.

Cold Workouts

In 2019, coldness is welcomed as it becomes the new hot thing. Traditionally popular in their hotter format, workouts like yoga and Pilates are getting a chill makeover. Cold yoga, which is generally practiced at a temperature between 45 and 60 degrees Farenheit, burns more calories by forcing your metabolism to work harder. Under lower temps, your body needs to put in more energy to regulate its core temperature, translating to a higher caloric burn and a metabolism-boosting workout. And for fans of cold temps, the experience will also release endorphins.

The Mushroom

We have all heard about all the great benefits certain food can give us. Last year it was acai and now it is mushrooms. They are now actually becoming part of our healthy lifestyle change, as many medical experts have discovered its abilities to fight cancer, quell inflammation, balance blood sugar and more. The benefits of mushrooms are endless, they are also able to help your body detoxify all on its very own.

Multisensory wellness centres

In the past few years, numerous people have turned to yoga and meditation. In order to cope with stress and everyday problems, numerous yoga centers and spas are now considering changing this mechanism a little bit. The idea behind multisensory wellness centres is to help clients experience a natural good feeling by affecting certain senses. This is a way to help individuals de-stress while nourishing their bodies. The concept is similar to the idea that we nourish our bodies with the proper nutrients to feel better than we should do the same with our senses. If we feed all of our senses the right nutrients even if it’s for a short amount of time we will be able to notice a huge difference in our coping mechanism. By engaging the body and the mind at the same time with different sensory elements you will be able to focus on the now instead of all the other things you need to do. It is a form of teaching us how to live in the moment instead of the future or the past. We are expecting to see this new trend in every spa and wellness center this year.