Reema Khan on meeting her husband

I met him for the first time on the day of my sister’s mehndi. I was totally unaware of his existence and was busy with the arrangements. I was so busy that marriage was not at all in my mind. My father asked me to marry and I could not refuse the proposal. It was a new challenge and I accepted it.

Badar Khalil on reading books

I love reading books. I borrow loads of books and read them, both English and Urdu. Books are amazing friends that provide you so much information. Reading also helps you to improve your memory. I would recommend this to everyone.

Omair Rana on kids

I love children. My son Ryan is to-date my pride. I have also lost two twin-daughters and it was a devastating experience. But talking about it makes me accept it more and more. I have submitted to the will of Allah.

Sunita Marshall on meeting with her husband

My husband, Hassan used to work in an advertising agency. I was going for a model shoot and his agency was handling that project. We met on the plane. Later, he called me twice asking for my boarding pass which I refused. I am a very private person, but when I started receiving his messages, I started replying and from there this led to our marriage.

Hadiqa Kiyani on adopting a child

After my first divorce I wanted a child and I adopted a child. I have learnt to feel the pain of others. I now look back at it as a very good decision on my part. I have given a life to a person and that is important. I have not regretted it.