Shopping In Maldives

Maldives may not be a shopping-heaven but it surely is a great place to buy mementos that will remind you of your beautiful Maldivian trip. So while you’re not lying on the beach and soaking up the sun, head to the best places for shopping in Maldives. These places that will certainly satisfy your shopping needs and let you experience the culture of this serene island.

Male, the capital of Maldives, has many good places to shop. The products that you shop here include craft products, handmade t-shirts, and jewelry. Here are the best places where you can buy these products.

Male Local Market

Shopping in Maldives becomes exciting as soon as you enter Male Local Market. This huge market is one of the most popular street markets in Maldives located on the north waterfront. A favourite of locals, this bazaar tempts foreigners as well with numerous stalls selling local handicrafts, mementos, and gift items. Kiosks selling local snacks are the highlights of these market. Things to-buy from Male Local Market aare packaged sweetmeat, bottled local pickles, souvenirs like a miniature of boats, home decor made of seashells, and fresh coconut milk.

Shop filled with artifcats

Situated in the heart of the city, Majedhee Magu is a sprawling street market in the Maldives. From garments, accessories to electronic goods, everything is readily available. Do not settle for a price for anything, bargaining is important while shopping in Maldives. There are some amazing dining options like Caf- Asiana where you can have delicious Maldivian cuisine. Things to-buy from Majedhee Magu include cosmetics, local jewelry, dried fish chips, and canned smoked fish.

Le Cute shop outside view

If you are fond of beauty products, especially perfumes, do visit Le Cute, which is a renowned retail beauty shop in Maldives. This is a swanky store dealing with cosmetics, toiletries, health care products and herbal products that are some of the best things to shop in Maldives. Things to-buy from Le Cute are perfumes.

A Bustling Shopping Hub

STO Trade Centre gives an apposite Maldivian shopping experience. The first level has the household section while the second and the third levels have souvenir counters. Visited by numerous locals and tourists every day, STO Trade Centre is a bustling superstore and surely among the best places for shopping in Maldives.

Island Bazaar – An Elegant European Style Boutique

The shopping experience at Island Bazaar will always be unique as this classy and posh boutique not only sells stylish lifestyle products but also promotes the intricate handicrafts of local artisans. Be it a cushion, a shoulder bag, or a handmade fridge magnet, the designs are beautiful and inimitable. This is one of the best places to go for shopping in Maldives if you wish to gift something unique and elegant to your near and dear ones.

A Fashion Store In Maldives

The collection of elegant and expensive dresses and accessories will surely fascinate you at Nala Boutique. Located inside the Kurumba Maldives Resort, this is one of the popular gift and clothing shops in Maldives. From beach toys, kids dress, to women apparels, the shop has every fashion item you need.