The modelling world of female athletes

The last decade or so has brought a wave of brilliant female athletes into the forefront of the sports world. More and more female athletes are grabbing our attention for their athletic prowess, doing so in a variety of sports. While we appreciate what these women bring into the arena, with many of them, we also can’t help but notice that they are flat out gorgeous and a joy to watch when they step off the field.

Alicia Sacramone

At the age of 21, which remember is old for an Olympic gymnast, she made the US team and participated in the games, doing so while she was a student at Brown. With an Ivy League education, there was no need for Alicia to go from walking on the balance beam to walking on the runway, but just look at her, she could have if she wanted to. Of course, she did participate in ESPN’s body issue in 2011 while also spending time as a CoverGirl spokesmodel, becoming one of the first female athletes to have that distinction.

Alex Morgan

With the face of an angel and the body of someone who’s used to running around for 90 minutes at a time, you can’t convince us that Alex wouldn’t be able to make it as a model. Yes, she’s appeared on plenty of magazine covers, but it’s usually related to the fact that she’s scored 98 goals (as of January 2019) and counting for the U.S. Women’s National Team, helping them win Olympic gold in 2012 and the FIFA World Cup in 2015.

Gracie Gold

If you saw the 2014 Olympics, you may have noticed Gracie on the podium accepting a bronze medal for figure skating. As a figure skater, Gracie is an expert at both posing and putting on a show, which makes us think she’d be a natural model. We’re also a little bit in love with that smile. Any time someone looks that happy to be where they are, we find it super attractive. Luckily for us, Gracie is just 23, so there’s plenty of time for her to make the switch to modeling, at least part-time, because we think she’d be perfect.