The Style of Roger Federer

At 38 years of age, Roger Federer is still playing some of the best tennis of his career, and turning it into tournament trophies.

He has won the men’s singles tournament at Wimbledon alone eight times since 2003, as well as 20 Grand Slam singles titles all over the world. Federer is not only one of the most talented athletes on the planet, but also the richest.  With a fashion sense behind, his RF logo has appeared on many clothing lines that Nike sold earlier.

Here we look at his fashion style.

Big style

“I don’t understand how I used to wear extra-large size, but that’s how we used to dress. Sampras and Agassi used to wear this baggy stuff. It was just a trend, so in hindsight, I think, ‘Was I crazy to wear XL at 17?’ But you wanted to think you were big and buff, even when you weren’t yet. Now we look stronger and slimmer because of the way we wear it. That’s where the power of clothes is so important: it really can change your entire look. Look what Rafa did, when he went from the sleeveless tops and the Capri pants to the more sophisticated look and you’re like, ‘Oh my god, he looks much more muscular and like he lost weight’, but he didn’t do anything.”


Dad Style

“Honestly, I think it keeps me young because around them I try not to wear clothes that they can destroy or make super dirty when I’m picking them up, running round in the mud or going for a barbecue. I think they keep me young for the most part. With the girls, we’re starting to head in the direction where they start to like to be alone sometimes because Dad’s not cool anymore. They’re not there yet – they still like it when I’m around. I think we’re a few years away, but soon they’ll be like, ‘It’s OK, Dad. We’re OK alone.’ That will be the first time I’ll be really sad.”



“Everything was part of an evolutionary process, like the long hair. Do I regret having long hair? No, I’m happy I had it and I’m happy I got rid of it again! It was just a part of my life. We wore the cap backwards just to keep the hair out of our faces. Instead of having it in front where you toss the ball and it can sometimes get in the way, backwards just works. But now I think the headband is just easier overall.”