Trendy Kitchen Styles

The hub of family activity, the kitchen remains the heart of the modern home. The kitchen should have some tie-in so it doesn’t look like it was just dropped from the sky. Neither does it need to match completely to a particular trend. Today’s kitchens are often the heart of the home. Therefore, careful planning is required to ensure a kitchen that’s both beautiful and highly functional. Try these ideas for a perfect kitchen look.

The colour power:

A colorful kitchen doesn’t necessarily require look-at-me cabinets or a bold backsplash; instead, color can be added in small doses for a more balanced look. Create a peaceful backdrop with soft grays then brings in lots of bright colors with the kitchen’s accessories, furniture and artwork. A popular color combo of yellow and gray looks sleek, bright and cheerful. Equally popular colours are mint green and chocolate, fiery orange and cherry and vanilla.

A unique combination:

A unique combination of wood, concrete, and metal creates a sleek and urban, yet nautical look. In this style, the ceiling should be kept simple and painted white with not much emphasis on lighting.

Create clusters:

Since decades the idea of the kitchen triangle has dominated. The sink, stove, and refrigerator each make up a point of the triangle and should be within a certain distance to one another for efficiency. Instead of a strict triangle, keep the sink, counter and the stove together. Place the refrigerator with the pantry for a food storage cluster.

Backsplash wall:

According to experts, backsplashes will make an even bigger statement in 2019, as designers are extending the tile all the way up to the ceiling. Rather than a pop of tile above the counter, stylish kitchen are featuring an entire wall of tile. This look adds texture and visual interest to any kitchen, is a practical option and gives uplift to the overall look of the kitchen.


Another top kitchen trend of 2019 will be bench seating. The built-in bench seating used in dining nooks or the kitchen provides extra storage space as well. The seating should be practical with minimal of space required and often with an option to be refolded into the wall when not required.

Consider the countertops :

Chefs who like to cook require more counter space — ideally between the range and sink — than those who cook infrequently or who prepare simple meals. In addition, incorporating two countertop heights makes baking easier and helps kids who are involved in meal preparations. Ideally have two ranges of counters, each at various heights.