Turkey From The Eyes of Omer Shahzad

Since we don’t have many options to travel due to COVID 19, celebrities are either visiting Turkey or Maldives, things are finally going well. We took an interview with Omer Shahzad about his traveling experience to Turkey.
Turkey from the eyes of Omer Shahzad

Describe your trip in three words.

– Beautiful, Mesmerizing & Hectic.

Have you ever visited Turkey before for leisure or it was your first time?

– This was my second trip to Turkey. I first visited during the shoot of JPNA2 for a very brief period. That time it was mostly working, this time was leisure.

Which cities did you visit?

– I visited four cities; Bursa, Kusadasi, Istanbul, & Izmir.

What is the best and worst thing about Turkey?

– The best thing about Turkey is the preserved historic heritage – Mosques, Museums, Bazaars and so much more. The worst part is that Turkish locales rip off tourists deliberately whether it’s taxi fare or a cup of tea.

Any incident you want to share with us

– We were visiting an ancient cave in Kusadasi, while exploring the cave we went down so far that guard shut down the main gate and we had to call one of our friends from the hotel to our rescue.

What are the dos and don’ts one has to keep in mind before visiting Turkey?

– Do’s during the pandemic are a little different. A tracking ID is given at the airport to fill a form that must be kept with you all the time along with the corona test report and passport. Don’ts would be to not follow anyone’s guidance except to follow your own travel plans. Also, there is a major price difference in shopping from place to place — hence, do not shop from everywhere. It’s better to have a local guide you for it.

Turkey from the eyes of Omer Shahzad

Which is the best place in Turkey?

– It’s so hard to pin down a few places – Turkey is magnificent as is, be it tourist spots, bazaars, or restaurants. Everything is worth experiencing!

Did you like Turkish food What is the best dish?

– The authentic Turkish Pizza, Turkish kebabs, Hummus, Shawarma, and Turkish Tea are my most favorite.

Is it an expensive country?

– Not at all! One (1) Turkish Lira is for Nineteen (19) PKR – which is reasonable for anyone is planning to have a trip under a budget.

Is it necessary to take a tour guide?

– If you like to understand Turkish history better and don’t want to get lost, only then I’d suggest hiring a guide.

According to you, What the best hotels or guest houses there?

(SKIP THIS QUESTION – IT’s not making any sense)

In COVID times, is it safe to travel there Do they follow SOPs?

– Traveling itself has become quite a task during the pandemic. Safety indeed comes first and Turkey is very strict with the SOPs.

If you get a chance to visit Turkey again, would you prefer to go back again If yes, then for what reasons?

– Indeed, I would love to go back to Turkey. I feel I haven’t explored it enough. Next time there would be new cities and places to visit in the itinerary.

Turkey from the eyes of Omer Shahzad
Turkey from the eyes of Omer Shahzad
Turkey from the eyes of Omer Shahzad
Turkey from the eyes of Omer Shahzad
Turkey from the eyes of Omer Shahzad
Turkey from the eyes of Omer Shahzad
Turkey from the eyes of Omer Shahzad