Visiting Rio de Janeiro

Golden beaches and lush mountains, samba-fueled life and spectacular football matches is what Rio de Janeiro has to offer the visitors.

Captivating Beaches

Rio’s beaches have long seduced visitors. Copacabana Beach became a symbol of Rio during the 1940s, when international starlets would jet in for the weekend. For cariocas (residents of Rio), the beach is Rio’s backyard – a playground that’s free and open to all, offering endless enjoyment in the form of football, volleyball, surfing, snacking, drinking or simply relaxing amid the passing parade of people.

The Rhythms of Rio

Music is Rio’s lifeblood, and the city’s soundtrack comprises rock, old-school bossa nova, hip-hop, funk and Brazil’s many regional styles. Above all there’s samba, a rapid-fire style of music with African influences and an infectious beat that is synonymous with Rio. You can hear it all over town. Samba is also the integral sound during Carnaval, and the danceable backing music to street parties and parades.

Sugar Loaf Mountain and more

Sugar Loaf Mountain, one of Rio de Janeiro’s most famous icons offers a breathtaking ride in a cable car to the top of the Sugar Loaf for panoramic views of one of the world’s most beautiful cities. Similarly, the Corcovado Mountain topped with the iconic statue of Christ the Redeemer is a must-visit for a breathtaking view of one of the world’s most beautiful cities.


  1. Leblon: Upscale Leblon has the upmarket stores to match. Things here get pricey, but for shopping, it has some of the best brands in terms of style and quality. Take a stroll down Avenida Ataulfo de Paiva for high-fashion boutique stores and browse some of Rios’ hidden yet gorgeous clothing brands.
  2. Urugaiana: Right outside of the metro station, Uruguaiana is one of the city center’s biggest permanent markets. Row after row of stalls set up to sell a whole range of merchandise from clothes and electronics to piercings, jewelry and knick-knacks. Whenever anyone in Rio needs something a bit obscure, Uruguaiana is where they venture to. Take your time strolling through to pick up souvenirs and other little bits and bobs such as cute purses and strappy bags. It is also worth visiting Uruguaiana pre-Carnival to pick up a costume for fancy dress that is ready for the parades and street parties.
  3. Village Mall: The name is somewhat misleading. The air-conditioned walkways of Village Mall are stuffed with expensive shops like Louis Vuitton, Burberry and Armani, hovering up the disposable incomes of the affluent locals who once thought that next door’s vast Barra Shopping mall was the last word in style. There is much here for all to enjoy, however. Right by the entrance is an impeccable Saraiva bookshop, notable for its shelves being arranged by genre and spine design rather than alphabetized, lending a rainbow of colour to the shelves, while fashion, and gourmet chocolate are in abundance.
  4. Richards: Casual, beautifully made shirts are Richards’ hallmark, making it the go-to for men looking to smarten up their wardrobes. The tropical patterns of the linen wear are perfect for a balmy night. The women’s wear is kept simple and borders on the preppy, and the same can be said of the kids’ collection, which owes more to Gap than palm-lined beaches for inspiration. There are Richards’ shops in all the major malls across the city, but the spacious, stand-alone flagship in the heart of Ipanema boasts the newest lines, including appealingly simple home ware.