What Your Hairstyle Says About Your Personality

Hair has played an important role in people’s confidence and self-image even during the ancient times. As long ago as the Greek and Roman empires, detailed wigs were symbols of wealth and stature in society. Cleopatra, Queen of the Nile, was famous for her thick, black hair. It’s important to make a great impression. This is why we spend, over our lifetime, thousands of hours perfecting how our hair should look. We constantly search for the most suitable haircut, color, and texture. Our moods are influenced by good and bad hair days.

So what does your current hairstyle say about your personality? Let’s have a look.

Side parting: You are compassionate

You are a caring listener. You have a big heart who knows how to celebrate with others, and you also know how to grieve with someone in pain. You are generous with praises and comforting words. You give honest feedback with no ulterior motives. You are reliable and knows how to be there for people in times of vulnerability.

Loose Beach Waves: You embody confidence

If you’re on the beach waves that’s summer-ready all year round, you are absolutely confident and a freedom lover with high energy. You are comfortable around people. You love the company of your family, great friends, and even absolute strangers. But you’re the type who loves and actually craves some alone time as well. You love your independence and speak with certainty. People admire you for it.

Mid-length hair: You are practical

The no-fuss long bob hairstyle is perfect for you because it’s a practical compromise– you get the convenience of a short hairstyle while also getting the length that’s still long enough to style. You have the best of both worlds because you like to tackle things from the logical point of view. You value common sense and are committed to your goals. You don’t like wasting time, so you always think of the fastest and most efficient way to accomplish a task. You believe in working smart instead of working hard. Friends count on you to state the pros and cons of any risky thing they feel like doing. People are in awe because of the graceful way you handle even the worst of situations.

High Ponytail: You are full of energy

The high ponytail suggests that you’re energetic and sporty. You bring life into a room. You’re a problem solver, and you love to encourage people to be more active and healthy. This polished look makes you look younger and emits a goal-oriented aura. You like to cut to the chase by saying what you need and how you want it accomplished. You are straightforward and a dynamic person to work with. You are constantly finding ways to manage your time smartly, keeping your focus on the things or people that truly matter to you.

Short Bob: You are low maintenance

You’re a risk-taker and a go-getter. Short coiffures are usually seen as more professional-looking than longer locks in an office setting. Having a short hair saves you time from long hours of drying and styling. This style is basically wash-and-wear. And that’s how you like things done– quick and organized.