What’s Your Headache Season?

Your seasonal headache could be a spring cluster headache, a summer migraine, or a fall allergy headache. Get some tips to manage headaches no matter the time of year.

Whether it’s a spring cluster headache, a summer migraine, or a fall mold headache, pain in the head that occurs at certain times of the year can make you dread changing seasons.

So what’s behind seasonal headaches? Sometimes our internal clock is sensitive to the amount of daylight and it helps control sleep cycles. It’s probably the change in sleep cycles that sets off some seasonal headaches.

Here are some home remedies to take care of these dreadful headaches.

Lavender Oil

Not only does lavender smell great, it can also be a useful home remedy for headaches and migraine pain. Lavender oil can be either inhaled or applied topically, but it should not be taken orally. Before applying lavender oil — or any oil — to your body, perform a skin test on the inside of your wrist to make sure you aren’t allergic. Two to four drops for every two to three cups of boiling water is recommended when inhaling lavender oil vapors.

Peppermint Oil

Peppermint is a soothing home remedy that has been shown to benefit tension headaches. Peppermint remedies can open up the sinuses, which helps you breathe more clearly, which may in turn also increase the amount of oxygen to the bloodstream.

Basil Oil

Basil, the strongly-scented herb used as a topping for pizzas and pastas, certainly tastes and smells good. And for people in need of a natural headache treatment, the oil derived from basil plants may also be useful. The herb works as a muscle relaxant, so it is especially helpful for headaches caused by tension and tight muscles.

Dietary Changes

Making a change to your diet is one of the most useful home remedies, because certain foods have been shown to affect the frequency and severity of headaches. These foods include some dairy products; certain fruits, such as avocado, banana, and citrus. Chocolate and peanut butter can also be triggers, as can onions. Keep track of your reaction to what you eat with a diary.


Some headaches might be caused by inflammation, which may be reduced by consuming flax seeds. Flaxseed help provide headache relief. It can be used as a home remedy in several forms, including as oil and as ground or whole seeds.