Winter freshness in your home

With the chill taking over and the outdoor shut away, it is best to create some indoor cozy yet fresh nooks. Here are few guidelines

Bring in some plants

Just because everything outside is brown or blanketed in snow doesn’t mean your house has to look drab inside, too. Bringing home a few easy-to-care-for plants, like succulents, can instantly add vibrancy to your space.

Just Jute It

Fig leaf plant

These trendy trees have more than just lush foliage going for them. Their hardy disposition can adapt to most bright locations (minus direct sunlight). Water generously in the summer and slow it down when winter comes.

African Violets

One of the most popular houseplants in the world, this flowering favorite blooms several times per year. Keep it thriving in bright but indirect light with moist soil. Good drainage and fertilizer administered every other week can help too.

Spider Plant

What’s better than one spider plant? Lots of spider plants. The fast-growing shoots actually produce little “babies” you can re-pot for added greenery elsewhere. Just stick to well-lit spots, and don’t forget weekly watering.


Its spiky leaves certainly look cool, and they’ll really thrive on your desk or bedside table. Aloe loves indirect light, plus a good soak every week or two.

Rubber Plant

Rubber trees can measure over 100 feet tall in their native Asia, but regular pruning can keep the ornamental variety in check. If the broad leaves get a little dusty, bring out the mayo for a florist-approved polishing trick.

Add splashes of color to your design scheme

The long, gray days of winter can make even the most vibrant home look drab in no time. With that in mind, try adding some pops of color to your existing design scheme. Brightly-patterned pillows, a winter bouquet on your mantle, or a few holiday-themed accents can instantly brighten your space, even when you don’t see the sun for days.

Add more lighting

While it may be dark and gloomy outside, there’s no reason your house has to feel the same. Instead of turning on the overheads, a cozy home is well within reach if you simply switch on some lamps instead.
Consider avoiding using recessed or ceiling lights during fall and winter evenings and look for targeted lighting that floods the room: floor or table lamps nestled close to the sofa, tall buffet lamps, or candelabras on a console table are flattering and elegant.

Invest in a winter rug

Make your home cozy from the outside in by upgrading your welcome mat for the winter months. While the rest of your neighborhood may be gloomy and gray, a brightly-colored winter mat means that, at the very least, your home won’t be.