Get fit in Summers – Tips by Fitness Expert Wasif Muhammad

Keep yourself hydrated as it’s summers, one can get dehydrated very quickly specially while working out in the sun. As our body is more than 65% water. Water is essential for life, we need to drink at least 12 – 16 glasses of water, It supplies electrolytes and helps our body to function well.
Exercise daily dedicate 30 To 40 minutes for exercise.
It is the best investment one can make.
Try to fix your exercise timings & exercise area.
Try not to let down your motivation & enjoy your workout as much as you can, you can play your favorite music or videos while exercising.
Always start your workout with 5 to 10 minutes of warm-up.
Add resistance training to your exercise routine. You can use resistance bands, TRX, dumbbells, water bottles, sand bottles, etc.
Don’t miss your cardio exercises. You can brisk, walk, jog, run, stair climbing, even dance or swim.
In Core exercises, do some planks & lower back bridges, It helps to maintain good body posture and improve stability.
Daily stretches of 10 minutes can prevent lots of injuries and bring wonders to your life.
Try to take 5 to 6 meals every day. 3 measure meals & 2 to 3 snack meals.
Tips by Fitness Expert Wasif Muhammad
Never skip breakfast as it is the most important meal of the day, it kicks up the metabolism and helps to achieve & maintain a healthy weight plus makes your day more productive.
By adding some yogurt to your diet, you get a lot of proteins, calcium & other minerals & it is good for the digestive system, for skin & hair.
Raw vegetables specially greens are a must in the diet they are the best source of fiber & antioxidants.
Egg white should be added to breakfast & after exercise meals. They provide the best amino which helps to repair & building tissues.
Nuts are very important in your diet as they have all good fats which help to reduce the bad fats. Best food for the brain and for skin & joints. They’re enriched with fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E & K.
Tips by Fitness Expert Wasif Muhammad
For detox, have 2 glasses of detox water daily. Cut one lime with few mint leaves & half cucumber in 500ml water and have it in the afternoon or any time of the day.
The use of black seeds or black seeds oil will improve the immune system.
We all need to rest properly at least 6 to 8 hours of sleep is recommended.
Maintain good hygiene. Shower twice or once daily!
Wear breathable clothes.
Try not to wear synthetic fabrics.
Always buy the right size & type of shoes.
Pay attention to your body postures specifically desk-bound people need to maintain their posture upright, stomach tuck in, neck and neutral position & take a small walk & some neck & shoulder stretches after every 30 minutes.
It helps for healthy blood circulation and keeps away from posture-related health conditions in the body.
Avoid junk food, Avoid deep-fried items,
Avoid simple sugar,
Avoid smoking & alcohol,
Avoid processed meat and other processed food, Go for clean meat options. Fish has the best nutritions
Some usage of caffeine is good for health – you can have two cups of coffee (if needed).
Tips by Fitness Expert Wasif Muhammad