Mohammad Ahmed on being polite

I was always a very polite person until I realized that one has to voice their opinion and stand up for your own right. The person who keeps quite suffers.

Salima Hashmi on meeting Shoaib Hashmi

We were acting in old Al-hamra is a play together against each other. The play was called Adab-Arz. From that moment I realized that he is a nice person and has a good sense of humour.

Saba Faisal on early marriage

I am a firm believer of early marriage. I think, the right age to marry for girls is between 20 to 25. It is very important that the girls should look active, young and energetic to raise their families.

Ali Abbas on his relationship with his father

I have a very good relationship with my father. It is friendly yet there is a strong line of respect in between. I respect my father a lot. I cannot talk too much in front of my father. Although he is very friendly, but there is a line that I can never cross.

Adnan Siddiqui on education

Education makes you able, training makes you capable. My father made me both able and capable. My father was a strict man and taught me a lot. Later he became one of my best friends.