Ace Fashion Designers Of Pakistan

Fashion is about mind, body, and soul. It’s not just wearing clothes, but yet it’s a lifestyle which means celebrations and one should celebrate everything. We see a lot of faces serving in fashion industries all around the world. In Pakistan, there are numerous renowned personalities who have taken the fashion industry to the next level.

Here we will discuss some of the acclaimed fashion designers of Pakistan who have entirely revolutionized fashion in Pakistan.


Ali Xeeshan is a renowned face in the world of fashion and also known for his unique, creative, and unprecedented ideas and interpretation in Pakistan’s fashion industry. Ali has introduced new ideas to his field and taken the daring steps that almost every designer avoids doing so. And that is why he has become one of the leading fashion designers in Pakistan.


A multi-dimensional personality of Pakistan with an eye for fashion design, photography, and a passion for food science and farming. This all-rounder person is also known as YBQ in the fraternity. YBQ is the only designer who has tried to introduce innovative thoughts through fashion and truly sets values for a thriving Pakistani culture and tradition across the globe.


Another recognized face, who is also known as Maria B. Her name is among one of the most diverse fashion designers who have not stuck themselves to a specific boundary and have shown their impeccable work across borders. Through her collections, she has presented a breathtaking combination of Eastern and Western clothing in Pakistan’s fashion industry.


It would be wrong if we did not mention this remarkable couturier in the A list of fashion designers. If we took a glance at Bunto Kazmi’s work we would see how wonderfully she has focused on the rich cultural values and heritage in her designs. Most importantly, what makes her prominent from others is her inspiration from the Mughal Empire attires, which also reflects in her work.



The veteran designer of Pakistan, who is also known as a trendsetter in the fashion industry.

A sportsman cum fashion icon, Humayun Alamgir has been considered one of the top designers for men’s wear in Pakistan. From the traditional shalwar kameez to the colorful classy prince coats, he is the only one who has introduced unique styles for men.


The famous designer in Pakistan’s fashion industry. Asim Jofa is the person who started his career by carrying the legacy of his ancestors as a jewelry designer but later,  he discontinued the business, decided to switch the field, and established a clothing outlet. And now today Jofa launches an average of 12 collections a year.



MNR, a name that is not unknown to those who love the right kind of fashion! The Lahore-based fashion designer is making waves in the world of Pakistani fashion. Along with the Pakistani actresses, his dresses are gaining popularity among the Bollywood artists too.

Through his work we can get how much he has inspired with the nature and beauty. His designed dresses shows his obsession with birds, flowers and animals.