Sarmad Khoosat on reading books

I read books a lot to the extent that I want to possess them. I would not let my siblings mess with my books. And I used to shamelessly tell everyone to give me books. I used to sit in one corner, get engrossed in it and read it thoroughly. I would relate to the charaters and indulged in their fantasies.

Juggan Kazim on leaving her husband

I feel angry at my ex-husband but sad at the thought that he is a sick man and nobody has taken notice of it. He used to beat me everyday, even during my pregnancy. He was violent to me and because of the divorce stigma, I kept on taking badgering from him. I took it for six months and then left him.

Hira Mani on meeting Mani

Mani was my friend’s friend. When I first met him, he had spikes in his hair, looked very smart. He was totally charismatic. I was engaged at that time, but I started talking to Mani. That is how I got married to Mani.

Sanam Baloch on what makes her happy

My family makes me happy. When my family is happy, I am happy. I would prefer to spent time with my family rather than spending time with friends. We fight, we make fun of each other but love each other a lot.

Saba Qamar on thinking positively

It is all a person’s thinking that makes it so. No work is bad, only the perception makes it bad. One should think positively. Even a very pious person can think negatively. For me perceptions matter a lot.

Nimra Khan on joining media

I never wanted to be in media. I was not at all interested in it. But my parents forced me to joind media because they wanted me to have my own identity. Then I did a lot of work for my parents. When people started noticing me, my parents loved it and I enjoyed it too. After that there was no turning back.