Showbiz Ki Khala March-24!

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Tabish Hashmi under Fire

abish Hashmi under Fire

Tabish Hashmi, a popular Pakistani host and stand-up comedian known for his bold comedic style, is currently facing severe public backlash following his recent comments during a PSL special transmission. Rising to fame through shows like To Be Honest and Hansna Mana Hai, Hashmi often generates mixed reactions from audiences due to his unfiltered approach to comedy. In a viral clip from his PSL show, co-host Mariyam Nafees shared her favorite PSL team preferences, to which Hashmi responded with an inappropriate remark about Mariyam’s husband. This incident has sparked disappointment among viewers, who criticize Hashmi for resorting to cheap and personal humor on a national television platform with a broad audience. Fans are actively condemning Hashmi’s remarks, stressing the need for accountability and urging him to reconsider his comedic style, emphasizing the importance of maintaining standards on widely watched programs. The incident has ignited a conversation about responsible and respectful humor in the entertainment industry.

Ishq Murshid Critisized

Ishq Murshid

Veteran Pakistani actor Waseem Abbas recently faced criticism for his comments on the drama series “Ishq Murshid” during an episode of “Kya Drama Hai” on 24 News HD. Abbas expressed concerns about director Farooq Rind’s direction and remarked that the success of the show seemed to be due to divine intervention. He found some aspects of the storyline implausible and criticized Bilal Abbas’s performance, particularly in non-romantic scenes. Abbas’s critique has sparked controversy, with some deeming his comments overly harsh and unwarranted, though he emphasized the need for a more balanced portrayal from Bilal Abbas.

A Groundbreaking Production

Released on March 9 at The Hideout Theatre in Austin, Texas, is an anthology film featuring five stories centered around Muslim families in the US, set during Ramazan and Eid. Produced by Rifelion Media, this groundbreaking production marks a first-of-its-kind effort, with both the cast and crew consisting of American Muslims. Furthermore, the film will make its debut at this year’s South by Southwest (SXSW) Film Festival on March 8, premiering at the festival’s Muslim House, a recurring event designed to provide a platform for American Muslim voices. Titled “Ramadan America,” the film aims to capture the essence of Ramazan and Eid by exploring various genres, themes, and cultural nuances. Notably, some of the actors featured in the film will be of Pakistani descent, while the executive producer hails from Pakistan.

A Baby Girl for Shoaib Akhtar

Shoaib Akhtar

In a heartwarming announcement, former Pakistani fast bowler Shoaib Akhtar joyfully shared that his family welcomed its newest member. Taking to his Instagram handle, he disclosed that he and his wife, Rubab Khan, celebrated the birth of their third child, a baby girl on March 1st. Accompanied by a delightful picture of himself cradling the newborn, Shoaib expressed his gratitude, stating, “Mikaeel and Mujaddid now have a baby sister. Allah Taala has blessed us with a daughter.” Providing details of the joyous occasion, he added, “We welcome Nooreh Ali Akhtar, born during Jumma prayers” and humbly requested prayers from well-wishers. Shoaib’s post was inundated with expressions of love and well wishes, marking the celebration of the newest addition to the Akhtar family.

Fashion Misinterpreted

The recent Ichra case has sparked a sense of hesitation, if not outright fear, among many regarding wearing our beloved shirts from the Karachi-based brand Manto. This is a decision that was made without a second thought just recently. Manto stands out in Pakistani fashion for its bold accessories and prints featuring empowering Urdu words or selected couplets from revered poets such as Allama Iqbal, Faiz Ahmed Faiz, Mirza Ghalib, and Jaun Elia. The brand’s unique style and dedication to uplifting Urdu literature—whose calligraphy can sometimes be mistaken for Arabic—inspire a sense of defiance. In light of a false ‘blasphemy’ alarm that caused a woman to fear for her life and seek refuge in a shop at a bazaar in Lahore, Manto felt compelled to issue a statement. The brand reiterated its commitment to safety and respect for all, expressing deep concern for customers who may face a similar ordeal. The woman’s clothes featured innocuous Arabic words meaning ‘beautiful’ and ‘life,’ which were mistaken for verses from the Holy Quran.

Khaie Depicting Culture

In a recent interview, actor Faysal Quraishi addressed concerns regarding his show Khaie’s portrayal of the Pashtun community. Attempting to clarify the show’s stance, Quraishi struggled to convince audiences that the storyline doesn’t stereotype Pashtun people, despite his character being named Chanar Khan. During the interview, he mentioned receiving numerous messages from Pashtun individuals who shared their experiences of displacement due to rivalries and elder enmities, asserting that many could relate to the narrative presented in Khaie. Quraishi also highlighted director Syed Wajahat Hussain’s statement regarding the creation of their “own world” within the show, emphasizing that Khaie is a work of fiction.

While the narrative may indeed be fictional, the stereotypes it draws from have real-world implications and can perpetuate harm.

Sehar Khan’s Sister Wedding Festivities

Sehar Khan, a stunning and talented Pakistani television actor, embarked on her showbiz journey with Hum TV’s renowned soap opera, Sanwari. While she initially harbored a passion for singing upon entering the media industry, she ultimately chose to focus on acting. Among her notable works are dramas like Farq, Rang Mehal, Zakhm, and Fairy Tale. While Sanwari initially brought her recognition, it was Rang Mehal that truly propelled her into the spotlight, with Fairy Tale also garnering significant attention and acclaim. Sehar Khan expresses her delight at the remarkable success of Fairy Tale. Recently, Sehar Khan enthusiastically participated in the wedding festivities of her elder sister, Miraal Khan, and shared her emotions regarding the event with her fans. Additionally, the celebrated photographer Abdul Samad Zia has shared HD pictures from Sehar Khan’s sister’s wedding, with Sehar herself also sharing a few of these captivating images. Here are the stunning photographs capturing the essence of the wedding celebration.