Zara Noor Abbass on forming your opinion

It is very important to listen to your own mind and opinion than listen to others. First i need to get my own approval before i take the approval of anyone else.

Sheheryar Munawar on Parery Hut

There is no chance of making parey hut 2, but if that ever happens, then definitely i see Maya ali again in the lead.

Hareem Farooq on choosing roles

The first thing i look at in the script is the character of the female lead. it has to have some substance in it. Otherwise it does not impress me.

Nadia jamil on school life

I hated school from day one. i did not like studies for a single day. i don’t know how i completed college. i was full of mischief and got pink and grey cards for behaviour issues during school.

Tahira Syed on taking a long vacation

I love in New York. I almost stay there for six months. I enjoy my wonderful time with my grandchildern. We plan a vacation to europe every year. it is so much fun. Time really goes fast.

Meera on professionalism

I give more than 100% on the set. I try to understand the role and try to give justice to it. I look at what the director wants from the role and follow the direction and the vision of the director. if i do not understand anything. i do not say anything, but try to learn more and give my fullest to the role.