Self Market yourself

In this competitive era, where people thrive to get their dream job, get into the business and corporate sector, it is not easy to get a job of your interest easily. You have to toil hard, update skills in your CV as well as in yourself, work on your personality, learn new talents and work to gain experience. You have to promote yourself, search for the ways in which you stand better from others. In simple words you have to consider yourself as a ‘product’ and find ways to convince others to buy you and not your competitors.

Companies nowadays are experimenting not only with the technological resources but also with the “human resources” .They want a workforce highly competent and expert in every skill. Companies are recognizing the importance of humans as a resource and working hard to choose the best candidates out of the pool of applicants. The art of self marketing is tricky but not difficult. All it needs is self awareness that is the knowledge of your skills, talents, achievements, goals.  Here is how you can do it.

Weave a story through your resume

Your resume is a great companion of yours; it goes with you wherever you want to work. Hence, this companion should be kept with proper care and revision. Keep updating your resume with every new achievement you get. Include a separate section for strengths and skills, where you mention your individual skills. This skill section is what makes you different from your other competitors. Don’t make your resume lengthy, make it brief.

Sell your potential

Well, every candidate talks of their education and qualification. Tell them a story regarding how you’ll blend your skills within the company which will increase their productivity. Nowadays, companies prefer those employees who are highly extrovert, are willing to give suggestions and ideas, and ready to take up any task.

Open doors for learning

Learning- A process that would never end during the whole life of an individual. This learning process is what benefits you and increase your chances of getting recruited. Keep learning even if you get a job. Try learning various courses on your weekends either online or offline. Courses like B2B Marketing, digital marketing, management of IT projects course, strategic cost management course, data analytics, and SEO are of great importance in the corporate sector nowadays.

Take mock interviews

Don’t consider yourself a genius, who’ll crack an interview without prior preparation. Interviews have become more difficult than you think because of growing competition. Hence you have to practice a lot, before going for the final one.

Use Social Media as a strong tool

Nowadays a lot of employers prefer social recruiting as it saves time and cost. Hence, it is important that you not only update your CV, but polish your social media profiles as well. Fill your profile with all the basic information important for others to get to know who you are. Use the “interests” column proficiently by posting your professional interests.