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The election post mortem goes on endlessly. .On that note my favourite nursery rhyme is; Humpty dumpty sat on the wall. Humpty Dumpty had a great wall. All the king’s horses and all the King’s men couldn’t put humpty dumpty together again.



Congratulations Pakistan!! I feel now we have a chance at a brighter future. Goodbye status quo, goodbye self-serving corrupt politicians. Let’s hope we can transform into an Asian Tiger in the next 10 yrs.


TV and Film Actor

There’s no magic wand to progress it’s a constant effort with a resolve to respect humanity, justice and truth. Changing the system for the betterment of every human being and other living beings and ecology.


TV and Film Actor

Mubarak #Pakistan !! Mubarak Prime Minister #ImranKhan !!! What a heartfelt first speech. I pray Allah Almighty gives him all the strength to fulfil all that he wishes for and all that he promised!


TV Actor

To everyone who thought @ImranKhanPTI wasn’t the right choice, very humbly I ask you all to just listen to the first speech of everyone who was ever elected in Pak and then listen to this. Pakistan be proud, be happy and let’s be the nation he wants us to be!


Comedian Performer and Writer

Not often do you get to perform on hallowed ground. This weekend I was at the Hippodrome in Richmond Virginia. This stage has witnessed artists like Billie Holiday, James Brown and many more. Just Wrapped up a 4 show tour for Indus Hospital and now back to The Breakfast Show!



CS9 to CS11 has been an insane journey for me! Excited to share what we created this year! Thank u to everyone who made me believe in myself and be fearless with my creative expression – good or not so good, it’s my own.


TV and Film Actor

The curtains have been unveiled, the reviews have kicked in & the masses have spoken.


Fashion Model Choreographer

I just want to see my country educated! I want every child in school it has to be compulsory! I want those government teachers who take salaries and don’t go to teach fired! I want all the vile corrupt people to be scared.