To every mama making pancakes as a sign of love; listening to one more story about something they don’t care about; crying because they are tired but love their kids; holding them in their heart as they fall asleep because they no longer fit in their arms; wondering what it means to let go and hang on while still being themselves; working hard to get their kids what they required, letting tears leak on their pillow and lifting their head and wondering, “Where did the years go?” – is a story of motherhood about how mothers cared for and will care for their offspring, where having young beings grow inside them is extremely safe.

Everything starts in the womb when the mothers carry their newborns within themselves. The tremendous urge to love this small being who smells like creamy fresh air rises within the neomammas. Following the birth of a child, both the baby and the mother grow at the same time. Swaddling and swearing fill the days. Floundering and feeding, reveling and reeling are a few words that come when we think about this situation. After that, a sort of rhythm develops. Mothers recognize that everything is always changing. The infant changes no matter how many times women believe they have mastered the routine of caregiving. Babies change, and the cycle continues. Their bodies alter during puberty, and keep mums surprised, wondering if body hair affects their personalities. When their teenagers stay out late, they don’t sleep, and when they walk in the front door, their bodies relax. Mums see the baby still inside when a special smile crosses their teenage faces.

Mamas bear children in their bodies. They then practice letting go for the rest of their lives. Because of childbirth, they become unique, intimately sensitive women. However, their role in their lives is to be anchors, not passengers. Motherhood is the art of becoming the anchor whose weight does not hold her children back but rather lets them emerge as they were meant to be: interdependent, wily wonders.

Every year, Mother’s Day arrives. While most of the country celebrates Mother’s Day with flowers, bottomless brunches, and lavishing affection on the mother figure in their lives, this day is precious for all those who share a special bond with their mums. To all the beautiful mothers out there: You’ve been spotted, you’ve been loved, and your sacrifices have not gone unappreciated. You choose to love, even when it’s difficult, and to give, even when it’s challenging. You innovate at home, at work, and in your community by creating and pushing forward and we love you for what you do for us ! I hope you feel inspired and celebrated today because of your example. I’m also aware that for some women, this day might evoke negative feelings about parenthood due to a variety of real-life, unpleasant situations. Today, I wish you an extra dosage of happiness and appreciate your strength, tenacity, and bravery.

Mothers are the embodiment of unconditional love, compassion, and generosity, and they deserve to be admired every day, not only on Mother’s Day. International Mother’s Day is widely observed all around the globe and is marked every year to express passionate love and thoughts toward mothers. In Pakistan, Mother’s Day is observed on the second Sunday in May. The day is marked by high spirits and excitement, as several governmental and private organizations, as well as schools, put on entertaining programs to commemorate Mother’s Day. Over the last few years, it has been highly honored in Pakistan and across the subcontinent. Several Pakistani celebrities have used social media to share photos of themselves with their mothers, along with heartfelt sentiments of love. Many programs in the media industry are being broadcast to honor God’s most beautiful creation – “Mothers.”

Nothing will ever be able to replace a mother’s love in the life of a child. Her patience, selflessness, and love for her children are unrivalled and priceless. And this mothers day and every day is a time to honor mothers by thanking them for the obstacles that come with raising children.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the beautiful mums out there!

By Sany Zakir