The Choice Of Fabric

Workout attire

Even if the gym isn’t a fashion show, that doesn’t mean you can’t treat it like your own runway! Treating your body well isn’t just about the exercises. You can use clothing to stay body positive at the gym, too. Ditch the old sweatpants and worn out tee shirt. Invest in some workout wear that you look forward to wearing. Make sure to choose styles that fit your shape best, not just what everyone else are wearing. That may mean showing more or less skin, or wearing something tighter or looser than your workout neighbor. In the end, the goal is to make sure you and your body feels good so you can step into the gym with confidence.

The power of colour

Most trainers and fitness experts have their own style statements, the best of which are showing off one particular colour in a subtle way. A flowing, cool long sleeve layer with a touch of yellow, orange or fuschia pink is what the craze is all about. You can stock up on a few styles to mix and match so you can always have a great outfit (and a great workout) to look forward to.

The choice of Fabric

In a traditional gym setting, your workout attire should be comfortable and allow you to move freely. It is useful to buy fabrics which breathe well and keep you cool during exercise. If you exercise in spandex, you may end up with some kind of skin irritation or infection, which is not recommended for long use.  Hence, it is best to stick to cotton in darker shades. The material should be thick and fitting to the contours of your body.

Toning Capri

The tight Capri has become a staple amongst fitness trainers and alike. The styles are aplenty ranging from ergonomic cut lines and compressed panels. These kind of Capri are ideal as they not only look great, but also achieve the fitness goal as the pants will actually intensify your workout.

Workout Tees

Perfect for working out or running errands, tees are a perfect way to look active and on the go. Whether you’re a gym girl or yoga girl, the tees are available in both slim shape and loose fit to provide support in all the right places. The v-neckline is in vogue primarily in a single tone shirt. Most of the tees come with padded support to absorb sweat and keep you looking fresh, clean and comfortable.

The ideal shoe

The type of exercise you’re primarily doing determines what type of shoe you need. If you like aerobics, step, kickboxing, and other high-impact workouts, you need a shoe with good shock absorption and stability. If you’re more into strength training and cardio equipment with an occasional foray into other activities such as walking, try a cross-trainer that is lightweight, durable, and offers moderate cushioning and stability. If you’re a more athletic girl and you enjoy running and jumping type of exercising, you need a running shoe that supports explosive heavy pounding and stop-start activity. If you enjoy walking, hiking, biking, and other outdoor activities, you probably need a walking shoe with excellent ankle support. However, the fashion sense goes beyond the practicality and provides all the styles to choose the right fit. The most popular finds that are literally sweeping the market are the dull silver ones with a shimmer to provide a little off-the-mark style.


Most of us ignore the need to wear accessories while we workout. These include armbands, headbands and fitness tracker wrist watches are fun accessories to adorn. The florescent accessories are something that look amazing on a single colour dress.