2020 TOP 10 Showbiz Gossips and Controversies!

The media and gossips are in an open relationship with each other. the celebrities are considered public property hence the public wants to know everything about this glamourous world of media. Unfortunately, this pattern of knowing all the gossip is often used by some media darlings in a derogatory way. Well for celebrities the disputes and controversies at times are a huge source of fame and they mostly seem to enjoy this added attention. Here are 2020 top 10 showbiz controversies which have added attention and Insta followers to the concerned celebrities.

01 Uzama Khan Vs Amna Malik

Uzma Khan Vs Amna Malik

The renowned actress Uzma Khan house was raided on 28th May 2020 by distant relatives of Malik Riaz. According to the sources this assault was over retaliation of khan’s extra-marital affair with the husband of Amna Malik named Usman Malik. The harm done to the property of Khan’s and the ensuring confusion was something the public had not seen in a long time. Netizens and popular media figures strongly criticized the incident and #justiceforuzmakhan began trending on Twitter until 2nd June 2020 when the news sparked on social media that Uzma Khan had a misunderstanding and she withdraws all the allegations and cases against the culprits and had settled the case with the offered money by Malik Riaz.

Javeria Saud Vs Salma Zafar

Veteran actress Salma Zafar emotional video regarding the non-payment and nasty behaviour of the celebrity couple Javeria and Saud Qasim toke social media by strom. Despite the couple claiming the allegations to be false, the criticism didn’t stop and the masla kept on adding in when celebrities like Sherry Shah second Zafar statement.

02 Javeria Saud Vs Salma Zafar
03 Khalil ur Rahman Vs Marvi Sarmad

Marvi Sarmad Vs Khalil Ur Rehman Qamar

In 2020, Khalil ur Rehman Qamar, who gave the industry the biggest hit of the year “Mere Pass Tum Ho”, landed in more disputes and controversies than any other celebrity. On every single forum, everything from his stand on feminism to his opinion about “Mera Jism Meri Marzi” was scrutinized and criticised. The number of controversies grew even more after his verbal battle with Marvi Sarmad. He was boycotted by the fraternity and the public for the language and choice of words he made to express his opinion about Sarmad.

Amir Liaquat Comment on adnan Siddiqui

Amir Liaquat has again made it in the list of “top 10 controversies of the year 2020”. He truly is someone who doesn’t think before uttering the words. In his show “Jeeway Pakistan” where he invited Adnan Siddiqui and spoke in the most inappropriate manner about the sad demise of legendary actor Sri Devi and Irrfan Khan. addressing Adnan Siddiqui he said that Bipasha Basu And Rani Mukherjee had been recused by Adnan as he refused to work in their films because the other two actors, he worked with had passed away. Instantly the clip of the show went viral and Liaquat was bashed in both India and Pakistan.

04 Aamir Liaquat Comment on Adnan Siddiqui
05 Amna Ilyas the_Hypocrite_

Amna Ilyas the “Hypocrite”

All this year, Amna Illyas had been in the headlines for promoting good self-image and talking about how young and upcoming talent is constantly placed under pressure to satisfy the cliché beauty standards. She was also in the news for criticizing Ayeza Khan her video had already gone viral that’s when someone shared an old video of Amna Ilyas fat-shaming Amna Haq in the Show “Tonight with HSY”.  Amna later apologized publically and said she has changed over the year and is a different person now. Even after the apology, the criticism continued for weeks, people called her a hypocrite.

Mr. & Mrs. Shahroze Sabzwari

The celebrity couple Syra Yousuf and Shahroze Sabzwari were adored and admired by all until a few months back when all of a sudden, the news of Syra and Shahroze divorce came out. However, Syra refused to speak about this while Shahroze kept on giving different statements and explanations but at the end of the day when Shahroze Sabzawari And Sadaf Kanwal got married the story of them having an affair proved to be real. There was no other celebrity couple being bashed and trolled as much as this one. When people found out that they had already been married for longer and that they waited to make the news public, they faced even more backlash.

06 Mr & Mrs Sheroze Sabzwari
07 Maria B Husband Arrested

Maria B Husband Arrested

Asking their cook who was tested positive for Covid-19 to leave in these tough times, the ace designer Maria B video addressing the Prime minister regarding the arrest of her husband went viral. Initially she was able to gain the public sympathy but later on when the actual story was out, she came under severe criticism for making up lies and for her reckless behaviour towards her staff.

Bilal Saeed & Saba Qamar Twirl in Mosque for “Qubool Hai”

Other famous celebrities who were bashed and came under severe criticism in the year 2020 were Saba Qamar and Bilal Saeed for their song “Qubool Hai”. The song was shot in Wazir Khan Mosque and included a shot where the couple is holding hand and twirl. Seeing that shot in the teaser the citizens of the Islamic Republic Of Pakistan got upset and in frustration, not only the celebrities but all entertainment industry was bashed and condemned.

08 Bilal Saeed & Saba Qamar Twirl in _Qubool Hai_
09 Gala_Biscuit_TVC_Mehwish Hayyat

Mehwish Hayat in Gala Biscuit TVC

Even when she is simply doing her job, Mehwish Hayat always gets into disputes and this time it was The Gala Biscuit Ad featuring Hayat became so contentious this time around that PEMRA got involved and parts of the ad were actually prohibited. It was an ad showing a dance of Mehwish Hayat to an unbeaten tune. Like all of the Gala’s other commercial, this one has also collaborated in various traditional outfits with Mehwish dancing. The ad was themed to promoted Pakistani culture was ironically termed “indecent” by the citizens of The Islamic Republic of Pakistan and PEMRA. Well did you ever thought a TV commercial to be part of top 10 controversies of the year 2020?


Most Pakistanis were not too pleased with Zee Tv SERIES “Churails” in collaboration with Pakistani artists and crew. After some of the clips of the series which went viral on social media, the public began to condemn the series to be too blunt and bold and not to be in line with the norms of the society. Churails was relentlessly attacked and every member of the cast was strictly scrutinized. It Has been the most controversial drama of the year 2020.

10 Churails