A Tribute To Legendary Bushra Ansari

Her name spells poise; her name spells talent, her name spells timeless neverending charismatic appeal. Gracing our dramas and imbuing in our hearts with her on and off-screen aura, she’s unrivalled! Fashion Collection Magazine is delighted and honored to pay tribute to the legendary Bushra Ansari.
Starting her television career at the age of 9 as a child artist, Bushra Ansari has been showcasing her versatility throughout her 41 years career. Be it, Jehan Ara Begum, from the satirical drama “Aangan Terha” or playing different ages and characters in the hit sketch comedy ” Fifty-Fifty” Bushra has kept all her performances worth watching. Winning numerous awards throughout her career, including Lifetime Achievement Award and The Pride of Performance for her contributions to Pakistan’s art. Bushra Ansari is a living legend who has made us all proud.
Bushra Ansari Show Reel
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Fashion Collection: If your biopic is to be made, whom do you think would be a perfect choice. (actress)

Bushra Ansari: Ummm, I believe Sonya Hussyn could play my biopic. I found her an outstanding actress!


Fashion Collection: You have been working in the industry for decades now; what’s the sound change and the lousy change you have noticed in the industry?

Bushra Ansari: It’s not just about the media industry; things and society has changed overall. The influence of being brave, bold, and blunt has made society impatient and blurred the concept of respect for elders.

In our times, the element of respect was considered very important. Also, nowadays, commercialism has increased. People are stuck to stereotypical dramas. They don’t have the patience to watch a theater with a different and strong storyline.


Fashion Collection: Which Actor And Actress do you think is at the top of their game?

Bushra Ansari: Oh, there are many actors I can name who are at the top of their game! Iqra Aziz, Zahid Ahmed, Sajal Aly, Bilal Abbas Zara Noor Abbas are very intense and outstanding actors. Also, I’d mention Fahad Mustafa, Faysal Qureshi, and Bilal Ashraf. They are also very prolific actors.

Fashion Collection: Out of many of your hit dramas and character, which one is your personal favorite?

Bushra Ansari: My personal favorites keep on changing. The sensibility and sensitivity keep on developing with age. But notable characters that my audiences and fans remember me for are Saima Chaudhry and Bilquees Kaur.

Fashion Collection: For a legendary actor, what’s more important?

Bushra Ansari:

  • recognition of work via awards
  • recognition of personality via audiences

Fashion Collection: Humbleness And Actor are usually supposed to be at opposite poles. How do you maintain your modesty?

Bushra Ansari: Humbleness comes within, and you do not require a deliberate effort for being kind. The easiest thing in my life is to be superior to others. It takes more energy and effort to be nasty and obnoxious.

Fashion Collection: What Advice would you like to give to young actors, writers, and directors?

Bushra Ansari: Youngsters nowadays aren’t up for any Advice pieces; all I would say is that avoid any disturbance at work. I see a young lot on sets using phones and social media for hours and hours. Focus and professionalism is the key to success.

Fashion Collection: A message you would like to give to your fans?

Bushra Ansari: A message that I would like to give to all my fans is that

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