Sairah Yayha – A Perfectionist of Styles

Sairah Yayha has been in the business of hairstyling and makeup for quite a few years now, almost ten years. With many successes behind her brand Divinity, she is trending into the realm of fashion and known to be a perfectionist when it comes to creating amazing styles. Initially she started as a freelance makeup artist but four years back established this compete setup in which all the services from hair treatments, facials, meni pedis, massage, nails and acrylics and all sorts of makeup looks from party to Bridals and all hairdos are taken care of. Here she talks to Fashion Collection magazine about the latest styles and mistakes to avoid.

Sairah Yayha

Fashion Collection: What initially drew you to the world of makeup artistry?

Sairah Yayha: My love for makeup from a very young age inspired me to enter this creative world of artistry. Transforming faces, enhancing features and creating diversified looks on clients is something I love doing as a makeup artist.

FC: How do you approach creating a personalized makeup look for a client, taking into consideration their features and preferences?

SY: For me creating a personalised makeup look for any client means firstly taking into consideration the preference of what exactly they want. Then I move ahead with my talent to enhance the features and face cut thus giving them the complete overall look they asked for whether its a party makeup or a Bridal one.

FC: With the rise of social media and influencers, how has it impacted the makeup industry, and how do you navigate these trends?

SY: Social media impacts positively and negatively both on any any industry , For the makeup industry I feel now with the use of filters and editing makeup artists do not show their actual work thus creating wrong impressions on the clients of the perfect face or look which is not exactly achievable as all skin has some flaws. Positive side is that through social media artists now have a vast platform tp promote themselves and reach a wider audience. 

FC: What are your go-to makeup products that you believe every person should have in their beauty arsenal?

SY: The must have products to carry with you are a good moisturiser, a sunscreen, a gloss, your compact and a good mascarra.

FC: What are some of the simple steps to keep your hair healthy?

SY: The most simple steps to keep your hair healthy is one to oil it regularly atleat twice a week. Get a trim every three months for hair growth and avoid using harsh products specailly shampoos which are not sulphate free.

FC: In your experience, what are some common mistakes people make when it comes to caring for their hair, and how can they be avoided?

SY: Most common mistakes made by people generally whether any gender are not oiling your hair, sleeping with wet hair. combing or harshly brushing wet hair instead of using a wider comb to detangle resulting in breakage. and regular use of products like gels and serums.One should avoid use of chemical infused products and again use shampoos that are sulphate free.You should also use homemade remedies once in two weeks like protien treatment that can be done simply by applying a mixture of egg and yoghourt.

Sairah Yayha

FC: What role do you see technology playing in the future of hairstyling, and how has it impacted your work so far?

SY: Technology plays a positive part in a way that one gets to learn lots of tips and techniques to enhance your skills from the comfort of your home. It has opened a vast platform for artists around the globe to learn and excel in their work.

FC: What advice do you have for individuals looking to experiment with new hairstyles or colors?

SY: Trends for 2024 are some basic base colours like dark brown, chocolate brown, warm browns with ash highlights/ lowlights. Funky colours like burgundy, purple, redsand even grey are also trending but should only be experimented with if you have strong and healthy hair.