A Close-Up with a Fashion Influencer Minna Tariq

Meet Minna Tariq, a dynamic force in the world of fashion, acting, and filmmaking. With her innate sense of style, she dominates social media, inspiring audiences with her effortless passion for fashion. From her very first appearance on screen, she shined brightly, captivating viewers with her undeniable talent and charisma.

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Fashion Collection: What do you like most about being a fashion influencer?

Minna Tariq: What I enjoy most about being a fashion influencer is how it all began. Honestly, it was just luck that got me into it. My first TV appearance happened unexpectedly, and I dressed up well and updated for it. People liked my attire, and that’s how I started getting more opportunities. It was fortunate that things worked out, and I found myself delving into the fashion industry. Now, I love wearing whimsical designer brands and also adding my personal touch to them. What I appreciate most is the chance to express myself through fashion and connect with my audience.

Fashion Collection: How do you prepare for different shoots and looks?

Minna Tariq: When it comes to preparing for shoots or styling looks, I have developed a routine over the past few years. I focus on staying true to my style and myself. Instead of pushing boundaries or following trends blindly, I aim to keep it authentic and relatable to my audience. My style resonates with people because it reflects who I am and how I like to present myself. It’s often characterized by an ethnic and decent aesthetic, avoiding anything too gaudy or unconventional. By showcasing my genuine approach to fashion, I ensure that others can easily connect with and appreciate my choices.

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Fashion Collection: Can you share a memorable experience from a role you have played on TV?

Minna Tariq: Sure, I would love to share some memorable experiences from my TV roles. I have had the opportunity to be part of three plays. The first one “Bunny”, happened when I was quite young, so my memories are a bit fuzzy related to that play. However, the one that really stands out is “Ruswayi”, which was aired on ARY in the year 2020. Being my first significant role in my twenties, it was an incredibly beautiful experience for me. Working alongside talented and senior actors, I learned a lot from them. From observing how everyone indulged in character, to the intense rehearsals, every moment on set was memorable. I formed friendships with my colleagues, gaining valuable insights into the preparation process.

Fashion Collection: What advice would you give to someone starting as a fashion influencer?

Minna Tariq: When starting as a fashion influencer, my biggest advice is to stay true to your comfort zone. Nowadays, people often get caught up in the belief that expensive items will make them look better. However, you can look great in simple, affordable pieces that suit your style. You can jazz up your outfits with earrings, bangles, or a nice lace dupatta. Focus on what feels comfortable and fits your budget, rather than splurging on high-end designers. Expensive clothes may not always look good if you don’t feel confident wearing them. I understand my audience, especially those from more modest backgrounds, cannot always afford luxury items. All in all, comfort zone and affordability are the main keys to the connection of the audience with me. That’s why I prefer to keep things simple and low-key. Whether it’s wearing sandals or adding bangles, while accessorizing I choose items that my audience can relate to and appreciate as well.

Minna Tariq

Work Process Questions

Fashion Collection: What are the tips or approaches do you use to get genuine followers?

Minna Tariq: For those aspiring to enter this industry, it’s crucial to build a strong portfolio and establish a vibrant presence across social media platforms. Consistently sharing genuine content about yourself, utilizing relevant hashtags, and actively engaging with audiences on platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok can significantly enhance your visibility and reach. The beauty of social media lies in its inclusivity, welcoming individuals from various backgrounds and professions. Whether you’re a doctor, an engineer, or pursuing any other career, social media provides a platform to showcase your talents and thrive in your respective fields. In my experience, I have found that authenticity is the key to cultivating genuine followers. People are drawn to real-life stories and experiences rather than exaggerated personas. By sharing relatable aspects of my daily life, I aim to connect with my audience on a deeper level. While I may reserve personal details for close friends, I maintain a down-to-earth image for my wider audience, portraying myself image as the ‘girl next door.’ This approach nurtures a sense of authenticity and resonates with followers who value genuine connections.

Fashion Collection: What is your approach to understanding the social media algorithm to get the right audience for your pages?

Minna Tariq: When it comes to understanding the social media algorithm to reach the right audience, I have found that staying updated with trends, especially with features like Reels, is crucial. Reels allow for deeper engagement, leveraging trending topics and music. This approach has significantly boosted my algorithm performance, providing viewers with a sneak peek into my life, from my hair to my skin. I refrain from heavy editing, opting for raw and authentic content, showcasing how I truly look and what I wear. Collaborating with brands has also made a significant difference. By combining both for our audiences, we maximize engagement and reach. However, I’m still figuring out the intricacies of the algorithm; sometimes the response is incredible, while other times it’s not as expected. So, unpredictability is also a part of it. Nonetheless, I believe a lot in the power of good music to captivate audiences and keep them engaged. So far, this perspective has been working well for me, generating amazing results.

Minna Tariq:

Fashion Collection: “How do you stay true to your personal style while also keeping up with current fashion trends?”

Minna Tariq: Balancing personal style with fashion trends can be tricky, especially when your work demands a particular aesthetic. I strive to remain fashionable yet trendy while staying true to my roots. However, it’s essential to consider my audience’s preferences too. For instance, my work primarily involves desi, and traditional clothing, so incorporating too many fashion-forward elements can sometimes alienate my audience. Therefore, I stick to a desi look with relatable touches, ensuring that my outfits resonate with them. I avoid sleeveless or revealing attire during shows to maintain the audience’s comfort level. Privately, I indulge in styles I enjoy personally also recognizing that today’s audience often seeks a blend of Eastern and Western influences. Living in Dubai and working in Karachi requires a balance between both worlds, allowing me to cater to diverse preferences.

Fashion Collection: What role do you think social media plays in shaping fashion trends today?

Minna Tariq: Social media is really important nowadays. Whatever’s popular on social media, I often do try it out myself to see what it looks like.  And stay updated always with social media. Talking about trends, they’re like a fun game! From the latest and fashionable hairstyles to the trendy bag styles and Shoes, keeping up with what’s in fashion these days and in Pakistan is important, also even in our personal lives. Sometimes, I like to try out unusual trends that have a special meaning to them.

It’s interesting how old-fashioned things are becoming trendy again. People are wearing old fashioned clothes and accessories. Social media plays a big role in showing us what’s popular and even reviving old trends. Hence amalgamation of new with the old is the beautiful blending. It’s like bringing the past into the present through fashion.

Fashion Collection: “Can you recommend some sustainable fashion brands or practices that your followers can incorporate into their wardrobe for daily life and events?”

Minna Tariq: I believe in wearing comfortable clothes. I’m not into expensive luxury designer brands. I prefer pocket-friendly options with beautiful designs, like Ego and Sana Safinaz. Some belongings always stay in my wardrobe, like a shalwar kameez and a churidaar pants. I rarely wear dupattas alongside my dresses.

Minna Tariq

Personal Life Questions

Fashion Collection: Outside of modeling, what are your hobbies or interests?

Minna Tariq: I have a passion for acting, but I don’t get many opportunities to pursue it now since I live in a different country, However, I try to indulge in it whenever I can. I’m a huge fan of Bollywood movies and cricket, which are both significant parts of my life. I particularly enjoy watching IPL matches. Additionally, I have a fascination for horror movies and enjoy listening to podcasts, especially those by Navya Nanda, Shweta Nanda, and Jaya Bachchan. It’s my wish to engage in similar conversations with my mother someday.

Fashion Collection:  How do you balance your personal life with your modelling career demands?

Minna Tariq: The main challenge I face is maintaining my weight. Since childhood, I’ve struggled with being overweight. I have put a lot of effort into addressing this issue by eating right and keeping track of my calorie intake. Even when I go out for dinner, I’m mindful of my calorie consumption. I must ensure that my weight management doesn’t impact both my married and professional life. I prioritize my health by maintaining a balanced diet and striving for a healthy lifestyle overall.

Fashion Collection: From where did you attend formal education, and what were your major areas of study?

Minna Tariq: I graduated from London Perennial University with majors in film, television, and music. My passion for this field was sparked by my mother’s inspiration, leading me to pursue a career in it. Additionally, I ventured into the modeling industry, driven by the vast opportunities offered by social media. I aspire to become a part of this dynamic landscape and make my mark within it with time and effort.

Fashion Collection: What is your experience like being the daughter of a Veteran actress? How do people usually treat you, and what are the advantages and disadvantages of growing up in a household with a famous public figure?

Minna Tariq: My mother has dedicated her life to making a name for herself in the industry, starting in her 20s and still going strong in her 60s. Her determination and perseverance are truly admirable, and I strive to emulate her work ethic. We all aim to make our parents proud, and seeing her relentless efforts inspires me every day. Despite the challenges and criticisms that come with being in the same field, my parents deserve the utmost respect for their journey, a journey that many may not fully understand. I consider myself fortunate enough to have been given the opportunity to follow in their footsteps. While there are advantages to having parents in the same industry, there are also unique challenges. Nevertheless, I’ve worked tirelessly to carve out my path, despite having family already established in the industry.

Fashion Collection: Would you like to share your childhood experiences of accompanying your mother on her TV sets? What was that experience like for you, and do you have any unforgettable memories from those times that you would like to share?

Minna Tariq: I recall the challenging times when my mother was active in the industry. Things have become much easier now; what was once a struggle has turned into a privilege. I’m grateful for the opportunity to work in this field, which I find truly amazing. I remember the long hours and extensive travel my mother endured due to her hard work and dedication. Her experiences serve as a reminder of the perseverance required in this industry.

Fashion Collection: Following in your mother’s footsteps, you have pursued a career in the media industry. Who inspired you to become a fashion influencer and then an actress? and was it easier for you to find opportunities compared to others aspiring to enter the industry?

Minna Tariq: Following in my mother’s footsteps in the media industry, I found inspiration to pursue a career as a fashion influencer and later as an actress. To be honest, I didn’t originally choose this path for myself. Acting had been encouraged for quite some time, but this opportunity came my way unexpectedly, and it turned out to be more lucrative than my previous endeavors. I had a keen interest in getting ready for shoots, which proved to be advantageous. As I ventured into this field, I found myself growing in unexpected directions. Fashion shoots and gigs began to come my way, signaling a promising journey ahead.