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Mehrunnisa Ahmed is an upcoming designer who delves into bridal wear. She is passionate about designing clothes and giving the best to her clients. Here in an interview with Fashion Collection, she talks about how she stepped into this line, her prized possessions and uniqueness in her brand.

Mehrunnisa Ahmed

Fashion Collection: How and why did you enter into the world of fashion designing?

Mehrunnisa Ahmed: With my educational background in textile and graphic design, progressing into fashion was an obvious choice for me. I have always had an eye for colour, fabric and cuts as well as a passion for styling people according to their respective body types. 

FC: What is your favorite part about being a fashion designer?

MA: Apart from the great amount of fun you can have experimenting with the various aspects of designing an outfit, I love how a beautifully designed outfit can transform a person and feeling good about how they look gives them lots of confidence to carry themselves elegantly.

FC: What is unique about your brand? What does it offer?

MA: Attention to detail. Being in an industry saturated with designers, I feel like alot of small design houses lack the passion and attention to detail. Detail in the quality of material and fabric is absolutely important for an outfit to shine as a whole. We offer customized couture pieces designed with the clients needs in mind as well as a limited collection of one-off ready to  wear outfits.

FC: In your opinion, which designs will dominate the fashion world in 2017?

MA: As a brand, it is of utmost importance for us to research and keep up with international trends and fashion forecasts. In terms of textures and colours: stripes, neutrals and yellows. Another trend continuing into this year are the bare shoulders and sleeve slits.

FC: How do you compare the fashion industry in Pakistan to any international market?

MA: I always take the time to travel and browse at least once a year. This keeps me informed and observant. While we have a great thriving fashion industry here in Pakistan, we could definitely learn consistency and the knowledge of textiles and flattering cuts.

FC: What has been your design inspiration?

MA: My client is always my muse. Their shape, skin tone and preferences dictate how the outfit is designed. For myself, I love to dress up and always want my outfits to make me feel confident and elegant and inspire myself from royalty of the past: Queens and Ranis of the yesteryear.

FC: What are your plans for your brand? Where do you see yourself 10 years from now?

MA: I would love to open a flagship boutique but it is important for me not to be just another boutique or clothes shop and a lot of work should go into making sure the store embodies the Mehrunnisa brand as an experience. 

FC: What are some of the challenges you face in your profession?

MA: Definitely, the oversaturated fashion market here in Pakistan. With designers using cheap materials and making replicas, the value of the work that goes into an outfit goes down for the rest of the market too and the customer looses an appreciation for the finer details.

FC: What would be your dream project?

MA: I would love to go back in time and dress the Royal Queens of the Mughal Era. The larger than life and detailed outfits and jewelry are such an inspiration.

FC: Any regrets so far?

MA: Never, all small or big mistakes have to be a learning experience in order for us to move progress as a brand and improve.

FC: Three words that describe you?

MA: Observant, patient, dreamer.

FC: Your take on Fashion Weeks worldwide and within Pakistan?

MA: I think they are a great way to display new as well as established talent! I love keeping up with them and visiting them to see all the exciting things happening in the industry. 

Mehrunnisa Ahmed

FC: What would you call your most prized possession?

MA: My loved ones.

FC: What is that one thing in life that seems most challenging to you?

MA: It is often a challenge to find people who are as sincere and passionate about the work as I am. This is why I am very selective about my collaborations and people I work with behind the scenes. 

FC: One childhood memory that makes you nostalgic.

MA: Always trying on my mom’s makeup and heels in private and getting caught! 

FC: How do you usually spend your Sundays?

MA: While I love to relax, unwind and catch up on sleep, Sundays are often days to socialize and catch up with friends and family.

FC: One thing that should not be part of anybody’s closet?

MA: Anything that does not make them feel good and comfortable. 

FC: Name one celebrity for whom you would like design clothes?

MA: I did some for Ayesha Omer, Ushna shah and Shermeen Ali. They all are very pretty. Sohay Ali and Meera Sethi I would like to design for them for not being same petite size.