Asad Zaman Khan Interview

1. How did it all begin?
It all began when my friend who was a model, suggested that also become a model. I was told to do modelling and I was selected as the main lead model to walk the ramp for a designer called Rizwan Baig at the PTV Awards Show.

2. Did you always want to be an actor?
As soon as I entered media, I wanted to become an actor. So yes!

3. Do good looks help in getting you the role? Or would you say it’s based only on your acting skills?
Good looks will help initially to get a role, but then ultimately your acting skills will sustain you.

4. How is working for a moving camera different from working with a still camera? (Working for television and film v/s photoshoot) Moving camera is easier to work with as I am acting and I have dialogues to deliver, whereas working with a still camera is a bit more challenging as I have to continuously give expressions.

5. What is your genre of acting?
There is no one set genre of acting for me. I enjoy doing all genres of acting. However I have done more acting in the drama and romantic genre than other genres.

6. How would you enjoy your work?
When your interest becomes your profession then it’s fun.

7. The hardest part of being a celebrity?
The hardest part of being a celebrity is that you can’t figure out if a girl is genuinely flirting with you or just wants a selfie.

8. What would Asad Zaman Khan be if he weren’t an actor?
I would be a professional cricket player.

9. How would you rate your career graph?
Continuously growing and definitely hasn’t peaked yet. (Exponentially growing).

10. Is there anyone in the family from the media? Has that worked in your favour or against in terms of career?
There is no one else from my family in media. This has neither worked in my favour or against it in my career. But I do feel sometimes that people with family already in the media do get a head start in their career and people who don’t, have to work and struggle more in their career and to gain recognition.

11. How has the Pakistani industry treated you so far?
I’m a person who has been brought up to respect everyone, and that is what I do. However there are some unprofessional behaviours that I have come across and don’t agree with in the industry. But if you believe in yourself then you can easily get what you want.

12. What roles do you enjoy playing?
As an actor I enjoy playing all roles but my favourites are action, drama and comedy.

13. Name an actor you look up to and why ?        I look upto the best version of myself and I observe every actor in order to achieve this.

14. How difficult is it to break into Pakistan’s music industry?
I don’t know. I haven’t tried yet. But I do love to sing so you never know.

15. What is your profession’s greatest challenge today?
I would say the greatest challenge is that due to the positive competition you have to continuously maintain your fitness and image.

16. If you could change one thing about the industry, what would it be?
I would make professional unions for every department in the industry.

17. Actresses, directors and producers you hope to/want to work with in the future?
I always wanted to work with the director Nadeem Baig and this is now becoming possible as I will be in the drama ‘Mere Pass Tum Ho’ which he is directing.

18. Everyone has a different process of getting into character. What is yours?
I read and read and once again read my script and completely immerse myself into it and then I go into character on a day to day basis by dressing up and acting like the character I will be playing. It’s all about mental and physical preparation and going to the gym and meditating is also part of the preparation.

19. How do you balance your identity while internalising so many other identities with every project you take up?
I balance my identity and the identity of the character I play by meditating, reflecting and surrounding myself with family and friends in my spare time.

20. What’s in the pipeline for Asad Zaman Khan? What are you working on these days?
My movie called Sacch has just released on 20th December and I am also in discussions about other drama projects and movies which are interesting, and my film Zeher-E-Ishq is also 70% completed and still in the pipeline.

21. Where do you see yourself five years from now?
After 5 years I am confident that I will achieve all my goals which I have aimed for. However this is in ALLAH’s hands and whatever I get I will be happy and content with.

22. What advice would you give a newcomer entering the industry?
Be focused, enjoy what you do and don’t compromise on your values.

23. Share a fun fact no one knows about you.
I like to sing in the shower

24. Is it true that you have to change yourself in order to be accepted into the entertainment industry?
Many people do change themselves. However I haven’t and I am still the same person that I was before.