Break a Sweat with DANIAL AFZAL KHAN

1-Break a sweat with Danial Afzal Khan
Fashion Collection: Since the Covid cases are rising again and gyms are being closed, how do you manage to stay fit and what are those exercises you prefer doing at home?
Danial Afzal Khan: Well, your body weight is great equipment in itself and I make full use of it, trying different variations of pull ups, shoulder dips, pushups and burpees etc. Also a huge number of core workouts can be done too at home.
Fashion Collection: What’s your favorite pre and post-workout snack?
Danial Afzal Khan: Pre, I tend to starve myself a little to get my body to get in a survival state, boosts the fat burning process, a post I go for any milkshake to replenish the lost energy.
Fashion Collection: If you could do only one exercise for the rest of your life which one would you choose?
Danial Afzal Khan: Ok, if it’s about one exercise then ill choose running because the chiseled body and that prime shape cannot be achieved without all. Those grueling exercises. Running will at least keep you lean and healthy.
Fashion Collection: How often do you take cheat days?
Danial Afzal Khan: I cheat once or twice a month, but if I am traveling and not in my city then I eat cheat meals only because it gets compensated with those hectic routines and chaos.
1-Break a sweat with Danial Afzal Khan
Fashion Collection: You are never too old to head to the gym is that true??
Danial Afzal Khan: Absolutely true, there’s no age for it, but yes you should know your physicality and your safe zone, by which I mean, one should be aware of how much he or she can push his/herself.
Fashion Collection: With the rise in Covid cases trainers have started training online What are your views about online training? Are they worth it?
Danial Afzal Khan: I haven’t gotten training, I am self-taught so can’t say much, but my opinion would be no they can only work when the trainer is with you on the spot.
Fashion Collection: Home workout or Gym workout?
Danial Afzal Khan: Hands down, gym workouts.
Fashion Collection: What are your favorite cheat day meal preferences?
Danial Afzal Khan: It’s always something desi, a full-fledge filling up till Throat kind of meal.
Fashion Collection: What’s one fitness or health myth you think that people should avoid?
Danial Afzal Khan: Those workouts do the main trick, it’s 80% about what you eat.
Fashion Collection: What is your fitness motivation and inspiration?
Danial Afzal Khan: I myself am the motivation, I have seen my best shape and it’s high to look at yourself that way. You want to keep on getting that and keeping it again n again. A normalized version of you isn’t acceptable.
Fashion Collection: What’s one thing you love about the gym?
Danial Afzal Khan: I like how you can picture yourself doing what you would all day long. It’s like a blueprint image of your routine for that day. Works like clockwork.
Fashion Collection: Morning road walks or evening sea cycling?
Danial Afzal Khan: Morning road walks.
Fashion Collection: What’s a must when it comes to your breakfast?
Danial Afzal Khan: Tea, without that, don’t even expect me to utter a word.
Fashion Collection: One tip you would like to give to our readers that can help them maintain their fitness and health?
Danial Afzal Khan: My tip is simple but it has all the ingredients. Focus, the focus is the key. You don’t have to kill yourself by doing hours of workouts or hundreds of repetitions, focus on what you doing and you can hit it right in 8 reps too. Focus on that specific thing you targeting and then see the magic. It’s mind-body sync, moving your body only won’t do it. Workout in your head at the same time.
Fashion Collection: What song is always on your playlist while working out?
Danial Afzal Khan: No specific song. Any high-beat collection does it. In short, there should be music. Silence makes it really weird.
3-Break a sweat with Danial Afzal Khan
4-Break a sweat with Danial Afzal Khan
5-Break a sweat with Danial Afzal Khan