The luxurious style of Faiza Bouguessa

Born and raised in France to Algerian Parents, Faiza Bouguessa was introduced to the world of fashion very early. Faiza’s first encounter with garment making took place during her young years while spending time with her grandmother who was seamstress herself and who taught her the basics of knitting and sewing. What started as a hobby soon turned into a passion which let her to take numerous internships in tailor shops while studying literature in university. Through these internships she learned the basics of pattern making and developed an understanding for fabric characteristics.


From the start, her purpose was to create a bridge between two cultures, and to have pieces that appeal to any type of women who has a strong eye for fashion. She decided to use the abaya and introduce silhouettes that were unusual for the traditional garment, but at the same time very familiar to a woman’s wardrobe. This allows women from all backgrounds to wear her designs.


Today Faiza’s passion can be seen in the form of BOUGUESSA, which is a luxury Ready-to-wear label that embodies the classic and the contemporary. Drawing inspiration from art, architecture, and global culture, BOUGUESSA combines straight-lined designs with elegant sophistication; a refined statement that beautifies women and glorifies their personality. A combination of high quality fibers and elaborate craftsmanship—each design exudes a spirit of true lightness creating a new and fresh minimal Fashion identity.


At the center of BOUGUESSA in an ethos of minimalist sophistication and feminine elegance for today’s women. The designs merge the latest global trends to Middle Eastern fashion. Inspired by Art, Architecture and Global Culture, the signature designs lie in highly modern silhouettes, bold lines, geometric precision and great attention to details.


Faiza Bouguessa resides in Dubai and is the brainchild and founder of the highly innovative label Bouguessa. Having dressed pro-feminist superstar Beyonce earlier this year, Faiza’s thoughts on tradition, heritage and inspiration continue to intrigue many designers around the world.


For her, the concept of abaya has expanded beyond its religious context, it is now an elegant and stylish cultural symbol. When creating a design, her main focus is on minimalism and elegance. She has incorporated the French touch into a traditional garment that presents sophistication and subtle elegance.


Her designs have received amazing response from the international industry, not to mention the fact that Beyonce recently wore one of her abayas.

She incorporates French aesthetics into the abaya to offer her interpretation of a garment that is minimal, classic and sophisticated.


Based in Dubai, which is a hub of fashion and is increasingly seen as synonymous with style, Faiza has changed the perception of long Middle Eastern dress boring dress into a classy look.


“It is important that small independent designers can flourish in this creative environment, and I think to do so we should not try to justify ourselves by forcing the cultural symbols into our designs. Our cultural identity lies within ourselves and I feel will always show through our work no matter what.”