Fitness Mantra Junaid Khan – Secrets to Get Fit


What’re your favourites cheat day meal preferences.

Since I am a foodie so it can be anything. It can be a pizza or burger, donut, karahi or maybe Chinese food.


What’s one fitness or health myth that people should avoid.

This might offend people but this is a usual practice to consume shakes and drinks (supplements or post work out drinks) – I believe people should avoid taking these as they damage your internal organs. So, one should always prefer natural diet because it’s sustainable and it has a good effect on your body and mind.


What’s that one exercise you could choose to do every day for the rest of your life.

I think to walk if I have to do it rest of my life. Preferably, morning walk that I would love to do daily.


What is your fitness motivation and inspiration?

life itself is an inspiration. You have family, work, friends and many other things, all these fruits of life you can enjoy if your body and mind are healthy. So, it’s a good enough motivation to keep moving.


What’s one thing you love about the gym.

The overall environment at early hours in the morning, you are already motivated and pumped up to do your best and by the time you leave, there is a satisfaction of achieving good results for the rest of the day.


What song is always on your playlist while working out

It’s my own song, ‘Jila Watan’. The song motivates me a lot so that’s my go-to gym song.


Choose One

Weight lifting or Cardio

None, bodyweight workouts!

Running Or Cycling


Workout at home or workout at the gym

Both, sometimes at the gym for maximum efficiency and sometimes at home.

Eggs or milk

I have cut down dairy products from my life so protein (eggs)

Nutrition or supplements

As I said, nutrition and no supplements.