The Dynamic Persona of Fahad Mirza

Fahad Mirza is a model, actor and a plastic surgeon by profession. Best known for his debut role as Essa in 2012 drama serial Bari Aapa, he has appeared in numerous dramas including Muthi Bhar Mitti, Main Deewani and Shanakht among others. A graduate of Dow Medical College, Fahad’s glamourous career kick-started in the form of modelling first followed by acting. In addition to acting, he also appeared in several fashion shows and television commercials.

Here, in his exclusive interview with Fashion Collection, he talks candidly about his ambitions and opinions about life.

FC: You are a doctor by profession, what made you do acting?

FM: I always wanted to be a Hero. As far back as I can remember, it is one of my foremost dreams. And if you have a burning desire, things have a way of finding their way to you. I did a photoshoot (Sarwat took my pictures) in 4th year Med school and we have my pictures to a photographer Arshad Tareen.  Marina khan and her Husband Jaleel Akhtar saw my pictures and offered me a part in their mega project. and that’s how it all started.


FC: How do you juggle two such demanding careers simultaneously?

FM: I don’t juggle. People always ask me this question. Multitasking does not lead to excellence. I do one thing at a time and give it everything I got! So, when I do an acting project during my annual leave, and on Sundays, I keep for emergency surgeries and my old patients, in case they need me. So, when I take on an acting project, that year is virtually work 24/7, but if you love something, then no price is heavy enough.


FC: What is your idea of a perfect adventure?

FM: Taking a sailboat to a fertile fishing ground, take my Snorkeling gear and do spearfishing.


FC: What do you value most?

FM: Honesty, morality, loyalty and integrity. All are variants of the other.


FC: Your idea of a perfect woman?

FM: Intelligent, beautiful and with tons of self-respect!


FC: What do you enjoy most, acting or modelling?

FM: Acting! When the director says action….the magic begins!


FC: People classify you as one of the “Highly educated Pakistani actors”. How do you feel about this?

FM: It is a very nice distinction to be in a select club is a very nice feeling.

FC: Describe yourself in three words?

FM: Determined, courageous and exceedingly ambitious.


FC: What would you classify as your most powerful performance so far and why?

FM: My most powerful performance so far has been my Play “Beti”. I played a lower

class boy who is dominated by his father and grandmother, against his wife and daughter.  This character was completely unlike me, and I felt was my litmus test as an actor. I felt if I could convince the audience that I was this person, then I would have succeeded as an actor! It was a performance that was really appreciated by people.


FC: What has been the biggest challenge of your career?

FM: Biggest challenge in my acting career has been my play “Beti” It was a difficult and very emotionally draining project. But the challenge and difficulty actually allowed me to polish my acting skills, and I feel after this experience I actually became a much better actor.


FC: If you could change the world, what would you do?

FM: I am old enough now to understand if you want to change the world, change yourself.


FC: What would you classify your utmost strength as a doctor?

FM: My compassion and my honesty towards my patients.


FC: What habit would you like to break?

FM: I would give a king’s ransom to be able to be completely present at the moment! To live each moment fully and with mindfulness.


FC: What advice would you give your younger self?

FM: Everything has its appointed time. Be patient, be present and enjoy the journey!


FC: What is perfect happiness for you?

FM: Being 100% immersed in the present moment, with my mind and body working as one. Because if these are lacking, you can have the best things in the world, but will not be able to truly appreciate or enjoy it.