Maestro of Mind Sciences

“Believe in yourself and all that you are. Know that there is something inside you that is greater than any obstacle.” – Christian D. Larson

The above quote sums up the success story of the person who is famous among millions of people as ‘Mind Sciences Expert’. When the name of Mind Sciences touches the ears, the eyes automatically visualize one person that is Dr Moiz Hussain. Ambitious, determinant and a man of principles, Dr Hussain has not just gathered fame and name but has also earned respect and love of millions of people in the world. Maheen Aziz gets into an unfiltered conversation with Dr Moiz Hussain for Fashion Collection.

Fashion Collection: Let the readers and your fans know about your journey from making the decision of opting Mind Sciences as a career and carrying this field in Pakistan?

DMH: My life was divided into two parts; I belonged to a big business group. My father wanted me to join him in the family business where my childhood wish was to join the Pakistan Air Force whereas the other side of me was interested in the metaphysics, meditation and knowing the ‘un-known’. I was a curious child but I never used to get the answers of my queries that I used to put forward in front of my parents and teachers because for them the questions were very strange.

Being the eldest among the siblings, everyone would look up to me and expected me to become an example for others, but I was not the one and my family was worried about me being a hyper and aggressive child. Around 16, I met a guy at a Yoga institute in India. Between the conversation he taught me how to look inside myself and meet myself. In 80s, I started teaching Yoga in Karachi Gym Khana Club. In 1986, All of a sudden I gave up on the family business and decided to make my passion (Yoga) my bread and butter. Being the eldest and was holding a very important position in the family business, my father got very upset with my decision. I explained my side to my father, he agreed and thought I would do it for a year and would come back to the business. But the truth was that I was just not satisfied from the inside.

Later, I built my institute which I named ‘Institute of classical Yoga and Health Sciences’.  People started to join and in 90s I travelled to the USA, learnt technology and learnt how to transfer knowledge through technology. In 1992 I started conducted proper workshops.

Fashion Collection: When was the Institute of Mind Sciences laid? Do you think it’s progressing the way you wanted it to or is there still a lot to be done?

DMH: Only the name has changed from Institute of Classical Yoga andHealth Sciences to Institute of Mind Sciences because Mind Sciences has a lot more than just Yoga. And yes we have grown over the years tremendously and worldwide. I have 6000 connections on my WhatsApp and sometimes I get irritated because I can’t respond at 4 a.m. Number of people and fans are increasing and it has become difficult for me to cop up with such situations sometimes.

People demand me everywhere but I can’t be present everywhere so to cope up with this we would be doing WEBN hour now which will allow us to connect to millions of people and there will also be less physical travel because there is no holiday for us and no way can I take time for myself. Every week we have workshops and lectures.

Fashion Collection: Has ever a healthy discussion changed into an argument?

DMH: I don’t get into any argument with anyone because human take their perceptions as realities. I will not argue for my reality with the other person. I believe in“LA KUM DEENA KUM WAL YA DEEN” (You follow your religion, and I follow mine). In a healthy discussion respect should be maintained.

Fashion Collection: Is Reiki or any other therapies of Mind Sciences are important along with religion?

DMH: I have never said that anything is important than religion, when one gets sick he/she goes tothe doctor and also prays for her/his well-being. Science and religion goes hand in hand. Reiki is a cure with energy along with prayers also. If you browse for Reiki videos, mostly Indian Reiki videos will show up which is different. Reiki is a cure with prayers.

Fashion Collection: Are Mind Sciences courses expensive?

DMH: Mind Sciences is not that expensive. Silva and other Mind Sciences courses can be done in less than 2 lacs. Reiki can be done in just 16,000 rupees. There are highly positive results came out of Reiki andit deals with chronic diseases.

Fashion Collection: Is hypnosis ban in Pakistan?

DMH: Hypnosis is not ban in Pakistan or anywhere else. You can’tban science. A knife can be used to cut the vegetables or to cut someone’s throat so it depends how you are utilizing the object. Hypnosis is taught to cure psychological and emotional phobias.

There is no medicine in Medical Science to cure or deal with the phobias and fears; hypnosis is done to deal with these issues. It can either be used to benefit humanity or harm humanity, like using it in criminal activities. There are always black sheep in every profession thus we can’t blame the whole system or good professionals for that.

Fashion Collection: Can Mind Sciences cure cancer?

There is a lot of work happening in America through Reiki and Silva. There are new developments in Mind Sciences likepainless childbirth through hypnosis; if a mother attends hypnosis session from the time of her conception so at the time of delivery she can give birth to a child painlessly, Hypnosis can be also done before a surgery to put the patient unconscious, if anesthesia cannot be given in any case.

We have worked on cancer patients as well through Reiki. No one can escape from death but quality of life can be improved through Mind Sciences. Reiki finished the side effects of Chemotherapy on cancer patients.

Fashion Collection: Do you have any advice for the coming generation?

DMH: First indulge yourself in science; not only study science in schools and colleges but read and watch research and innovation based contents. And the second thing is value time; time is the only thing that cannot be bought and once time has passed, it will never come back so invest time in positive and productive things which are fruitful.

Fashion Collection: Which issues do you see are at alarming stage and needs to get addressed urgently in youth?

DMH: One is ‘I Know’. When one says that ‘I know’ then the curtain falls on their eyes and minds. The other is drugs. We already have illiteracy in our country and this drug is ruining the generation.