Model turned actor Zhalay Sarhadi

Model-turned-actor Zhalay Sarhadi talks about her journey to radio and films….

For Zhalay, it was an inborn talent through which she has been shining on stage since college days. And with Khayam Sarhadi, her uncle, there was no turning back to acting when the opportunity knocked her doors.

Starting out as a model, Zhalay turned to acting and found it too comforting to give up. Just the beginning of her journey, there are many paths to walk on and many uphill terrains that she pursues.

With a jovial demeanor and down-to-earth approach, Zhalay comes across as another girl next door, yet has such strong opinions about values and life itself and stunning looks to support her, there is no wonder, she will be reaching for the stars soon.

From the days of Jalaibee and Ramchand Pakistani, this is just the beginning……

Fashion Collection: Tell us something about your journey as an artist.

Zhalay Sarhadi: It has been great so far. Was always interested in acting so started on school college level. Got trained in mime by a French Instructor called Phillipe Bizot when I went to the university of Karachi. Rest I learnt and am still learning on the job.

Fashion Collection: What would you qualify as your most inspiring role so far?

Zhalay Sarhadi: I have loved most of the characters I got to portray but my favorite would be Laila in Rung Laga a serial directed by Anjum Shehzaad and Bunno in Jalaibee the feature film directed by Yasir Jaswal.

Fashion Collection: If given a chance, which famous person would you like to portray through your acting?

Zhalay Sarhadi: I would love to portray Madam Noor jehan. She was a giant in terms of talent and a very interesting personality.

Fashion Collection: Who is your best pair in a romantic role?

Zhalay Sarhadi: So, romance has evaded me in acting out characters, but I have had tremendous fun working with Imran Abbas and Noor Hassan. Both are really good friends of mine and acting with them was comfortable and easy. Also, Faysal Q is awesome as a Co-star.

Fashion Collection: Four people you wish to dine with.

Zhalay Sarhadi: My husband, my daughter, my mother and my sister.

Fashion Collection: Your opinion about awards

Zhalay Sarhadi: That people should be appreciated on the basis of their talent and not their social media numbers.

Fashion Collection: What is in the pipeline regarding your work?

Zhalay Sarhadi: I have a bunch of exciting projects. Cannot state any at the moment as I believe one should finish the project then talk about it!

Fashion Collection: One role you wish you had not done?

Zhalay Sarhadi: Having regrets gives birth to negativity. Every portrayal of every character has taught me something. So no regrets.

Fashion Collection: How do you like to be known. Give three traits.

Zhalay Sarhadi: Kind, friendly and straightforward.

Fashion Collection: If you have a genie in your power, what would you ask for?

Zhalay Sarhadi: At the moment good and health and safety for all.

Fashion Collection: One cause that you would like to support.

Zhalay Sarhadi: I have always spoken about the prevention of child sexual abuse. Have always been an advocate in giving our children the proper knowledge with regards to ensuring their safety.

Fashion Collection: When you are free, where would you like to venture, shopping, gym or a library? Why

Zhalay Sarhadi: I love working out. It is a great form of catharsis for me. Shopping also offers retail therapy. That being said Working out comes before anything. At this time of lock down, I am working out at home almost twice or thrice a day.