“Pomme” as we know her…

Pomme Amina Gohar, the driving force behind Phenomena; an Event Design Company that now completes 10 big years of business, is all set to set some new standards of perfection. In her interview with Fashion Collection, she talks about one of the happiest and proud moments of her life, “celebrating 10 big years in service.”

Fashion Collection: Tell us something about your journey as CEO of Phenomena?

Pomme: Phenomena by Pomme was my brainchild after I returned to Karachi after living abroad for several years. It was the culmination of my history as a fashion editor at SHE and art director for various fashion shows, performance works and design events. It’s been an exhilarating journey with hard work, success and a labor of love. Phenomena is all about creativity, so that is my pulse.

Phenomena is showcasing art, fashion and style happenings and delves in high profile events that sets it apart from common event management companies. Art director, perfectionist to the core and über creative, Pomme is the force behind the brand. The company has developed a high reputation of style that is synonymous to Phenomena events. Pomme is known for her charity events and work for organizations such as AURA, Lady Dufferin Hospital and SOS.


Fashion Collection: What inspired you to venture in the direction of event management?

Pomme: My work is centered less around ‘event management’ and more around ‘event design’ as it deals with the décor, artistic direction and creative elements of design. Also, we are known more as a design company as we carry our client’s wishes from concept to completion, so to me it is more a creation than it is an event.


Fashion Collection: Art or fashion? What is dearer to your heart?

Pomme: I would have to say both! I love fashion and art. However, I have dappled more in art as my forte is creative direction and in the art field there is definitely more freedom of expression and thought. The events I’ve designed for, I felt have had more “out of the box” elements than fashion. Fashion is more predictable and quite political, so I find it difficult to deal with that. I prefer to deal with subjects on a basis of collaboration and merit alone, not on personal affiliation. However I started my career in fashion, so will always hold good memories of my experience.


Fashion Collection: What is that one quality that makes your events stand out?

Pomme: ‘Less is more’ – Phenomena has developed an exclusive sense of style that is synonymous only with our events. Our USB is attention to detail with high standards and originality in design. Every event we do is custom to the client and their needs, and a whole new concept is thought of as part of the process.


Fashion Collection: Your take on the existing fashion events.

Pomme: Our fashion industry is booming with lots of new amazing talent and of course the veterans of fashion, but the existing fashion events should include a ‘freshness’ of style- away from the same mundane trends of fashion weeks and shoots. Maybe quality of style should be given more merit over trying to bring in so many different designers as the true sense of fashion in style is lost when everyone is duplicating the same thing because it is ‘trendy.’


Fashion Collection: What interests you most about your work?

Pomme: My work is creative, so everything from start to finish is like my baby! When I take on an event or subject it becomes a process of style from the invite to the execution of the event to the giveaway, everything has to fall into place perfectly.


Fashion Collection: What are the most critical results you expect from your events?

Pomme: Professionalism, time management and originality of design; when you enter a Phenomena event, I want the first look to be complete awe in absorption of the event setting not just in its beauty but its entire experience.


Fashion Collection: If you could change the world, what would you do?

Pomme: I would want global peace and a world without boundaries. No distinction on class, race, religion, just the voice of humanity.


Fashion Collection: What would you classify as your biggest achievement?

Pomme: My career has had many stellar events so it is hard to choose any one and all my events are close to my heart but on a personal level, my biggest achievement is my three children growing into strong successful individuals.


Fashion Collection: What kind of events is in the pipeline that you are working on?

Pomme: 2020 will mark the 10-year anniversary of Phenomena, so I plan to incorporate our main themes; fashion, art, design and style into one multi faceted show, hopefully bringing a lot of people together towards the end of the year. Meanwhile, we have revamped our website, our branding tools and increased our inventory. During the Covid19 period, we have introduced wellness baskets; ‘aromatherapy’ and creative zoom sessions. The wellness platform is close to my heart as I am an aromatherapist.


Fashion Collection: What habit of yours would you like to break?

Pomme: Sometimes I get too involved in work, which I feel is natural- but I don’t really find time for myself. I’m hoping this year when the situation improves, I can find some ‘me’ time to travel and dedicate some time to my other interests. I find I host all the time between work and family commitments, so just going to take some time to relax, chill & enjoy! But having said this, I am very grateful to God to have given me a balance of a beautiful family and a good career.


Fashion Collection: Which 4 famous personalities would you seat at your dinner table?

Pomme: I would have loved to have Quaid-e-Azam at my table and learn about the struggles he faced for the formation of Pakistan but sadly he is not with us anymore.


Angelina Jolie would be an interesting guest; she is a remarkable actress, motivated mother and a resilient cancer survivor.


Any great artist is welcome at my table any time as their ingenuity makes for great table talk, but if I had to choose, I’d save a spot for Jamil Naqsh or Salvador Dali.

Finally; Madame Carven- a famous French designer who chose me as one of the first Pakistani models to model her haute couture fashion in the hay days.


Fashion Collection: What advice would you give your younger self?

Pomme: “Don’t worry, be happy” – things work out in the end. Its good to be successful and ambitious but sometimes just remember to have fun and find happiness in simple, ordinary things because life is short!


Website: phenomenabypomme.com

Instagram: @phenomenabypomme