Rough and Rugged – Anoushay Abbasi

Since the Covid cases are rising and gyms are closed, how do you manage to stay fit and what are those exercises you prefer doing at home?

I do yoga and cardio myself at home.

What’s your favourite pre and post-workout snack?

Strawberry milkshake always.

Your favourite facial exercise?

I think it has got to be the lion pose, during my yoga sessions.

If you could do only one exercise for the rest of your life which one would you choose?

Planks. They are super hard but once you get the right angle, they can be the most effective ever.

How often do you take cheat days?

Once a week.

You are never too old to head the gym is that true? 

I absolutely agree. It’s never too early or late to stay fit.

With the rise in Covid cases, trainers have started training online What are your views about online training? Are they worth it?

I think when you are committed to exercising, it doesn’t really matter whether your trainer is with you online or in real life.

Homework out or gym workout?

Gym workout, definitely.

What’s your favourite cheat day meal preferences?

A nice, warm double cheeseburger from McDonald’s.

What’s one fitness or health myth you think that people should avoid?

Do not starve yourself. I know many girls who prefer starving themselves than exercising and while they may lose weight, they harm their bodies in unimaginable ways.

What is your fitness motivation and inspiration?

Just being a better, healthy and fit version of myself.

What’s one thing you love about the gym?

Just the environment. It motivates me to push my boundaries further.

Morning road walks or evening sea cycling?

Evening sea cycling, for sure.

What’s a must when it comes to your breakfast?

Boiled eggs.

One tip you would like to give to our readers that can help them maintain their fitness and health.

Please do not harm your body in any way. You are perfect the way you are, and exercise is a must. Exercise and eat healthy.

What song is always on your playlist while working out?

Fast Car by Jonas Blue.

02 Rough_and_Rugged_With_Anoushey_Abbasi
04 Rough_and_Rugged_With_Anoushey_Abbasi
03 Rough_and_Rugged_With_Anoushey_Abbasi