The Dynamic Angeline Malik

Angeline Malik is a Pakistani director and actress who won the Lux Style Awards in 2006 for best director and a nomination for best actress. She is also famous for the first coming-of-age talk show Black and White on Indus Vision and for her selection of diverse characters. Her name comes in the top directors of Pakistan working in this field since 2002. She is also known as a producer, working under the banner of Angelic Films.

Here she talks to Fashion Collection about her passions and aspirations.

FC: Tell us something about your journey as an actor?

AM: Initially it was never part of my plan. You can say it just happened. I was always the shy one and I believe acting for a shy person gives them an opportunity to express feelings and parts of themselves they would never give permission to actually show to anyone. Best part of acting for me is that I get to show feelings and thoughts I have always drowned out, stuffed down and ignored. So I guess it was my destiny and means to express how I feel.

FC: What inspired you to venture in the field of showbiz?

AM: I was always a story teller as well as am artist and believed in expressing myself through different mediums and means. I never got into it because of the glitz and glamour what inspired me was having a greater audience to all I had to say.

FC: Direction or acting? What is dearer to your heart?

AM: Very hard to compare. Since I have a lot to say hence any role which gives me the power to communicate is the role I would like to play.

FC: As a director it is my vision, it’s all how I see things. I control all the dramatic and artistic aspect. Everything and everyone on set are my tools to use as they may.

AM: As an actor it can be frustrating you are part of somebody else’s vision and even when you give your best, when put together your best might not come across as all that you have put in. Nevertheless I find acting a much harder job.

FC: What is that one quality that makes your acting stand out?

AM: I don’t call myself a great actor so I can’t really tell. I guess since I have seen a lot and I am sensitive to everything around me it’s easier for me to translate all of that into my performance.

FC: Your take on awards?

AM: It’s good to be appreciated but it needs to be taken less seriously. Every actor gives their best and it can be disappointing when one doesn’t receive an award. I think the appreciation from people around is a bigger award then an award itself.

FC:What interests you most about your work?

AM: Everything about it, or else I would not be doing what I am doing. I love to create, I love to express, in this line of work you have to love what you’re doing or else you would be a failure.

FC: If you could change the world, what would you do?

AM: You have to listen to John Lennons “Imagine” that’s the ideal world for me.

FC: What would you classify as your biggest achievement?

AM: I have yet to get there and I feel it’s not far away. Its Lurking around the corner….

FC: What kind of projects are the pipeline that you are working on?

AM: I am working on different platforms will announce soon. Gearing up to start acting in an independent film next month.

FC: What habit of yours would you like to break?

AM: The habit of seeing positivity in every aspect. Still confused if it’s a good habit or bad.

FC: Which 4 famous personalities would you seat at your dinner table?

AM: Quad e Azam, Gandhi, Nehru Lord Mountbatten and question Why?

FC: What advice would you give your younger self?

AM: Believe, to believe is the biggest power you can have.